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Capit is a modern day time capsule that enables you to reflect and capture time in a seemingly temporary, fast-paced and easily disposable environment. This project is a personal one that I created from conception to design.
It is a Google Chrome extension that saves a collection of curated images, videos, highlighted messages and quotes (much like a curated mood board) as a time capsule. These can be saved as you come across these pieces of content with the click of a button in your browser toolbar or when you decide you want to curate a special board/capsule to send to your loved ones or even to save for yourself.
After the curation of the designated board, you are able to set a time period indicating when it can be activated and received in the future. Once you decide to "Capit," you are not able to see the content until that specified time.
You may "Cap" a limitless variety of things, from a digital flight itinerary for a trip you are planning with a friend to the photos captured and viewed on Facebook from that trip. The intention here is to save that moment and that snippet and in that CapIt board's entirety begin to paint a picture of a specific moment in time, something you would have not necessarily thought to record.


The intention here as a personal project was to capture in a small way the essence of time and to create a recreational and fun tool that is thoughtful in its existence and messaging. I wanted to design something that was extremely simple in functionality but that in its design could be an interesting narrative and fun action to engage in.
With Capit, you will be able to capture moments of time that originate from your browser. Our daily online and browsing actions have begun to be an important and a very telling indication of time, moments, and your mindset for that specific moment/day - yet with just one click, are extremely fleeting moments that we do not think to capture.

Technical Challenge

The technical challenge here was to consider the start to end interaction and thus, design of the product. How branding could aid the interaction and user experience of the intended simple digital product, to make it extremely clear to the user what the next action to be taken is. Although there was so much potential in design, there was the challenge of stripping it down and minimizing the design elements so that it felt like the design supported the simple functionality of this type of product (a simple plugin) vs. being overly designed for the sake of it and overpowering the true intention of the product itself.




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