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1.“au Hikari” is an internet service provided by au, one of Japan’s major mobile phone carrier.
2.A major opportunity for customer acquisition is when au mobile phone customers visit the retail locations to upgrade their phones.
3.Customers can join “au Hikari” at a discounted if they also join au’s mobile phone plan.
4.To increase acquisition of “au Hikari” it is necessary to motivate prospects to visit the retail stores.
1.Generate 200,000 foot traffic to au Shops.
2.Quantify the number of foot traffic generated by the campaign.
3.Do not engage in discounts or promotional incentives.
■Duration: About 100 days (12/15/2017-3/31/2018)


■Measurement by using Google Store Visit
It was enabled us to measure the number of people who visited the stores who also saw our ads.
■A story optimized to leverage Google Store Visit
A story that destroyed convention and expectations was created to appeal to audiences who don’t want to watch ads in the first place.
■Starring actress was a renowned voice actress Masako Nozawa
*She appeared in the video as herself, rather than an anime character, and showed live person acting that no one has seen before.
*Unprecedented attempts generated great buzz on social media, such as she expressing the internet speed with only her voice, and trying to disguise as a young idol voice actress.
*Retail store visits: 424,858 people, which was double the initial objective.
*Customer acquisition goals were met for the first time in a while in January 2018.
*The total views of 4 movies are over 26,360,000.
*Incredible outcomes were seen on social media, such as 13,880 Likes and 9,900 Retweets.
*Many reactions from aboard were seen on social media.
*Number of store visits and movie views are still increasing.
*Sequels were produced and launched due to popularity.
*Creativity that destroys convention and expectations that makes the viewers crave for the next one second of video became the biggest motivation, and as a result store visits are increasing even today.

Technical Challenge

Make the most of Google Store Visit

■Key to audience targeting: “435”
4: Prepared 4 videos and released them in sequence to keep fans engaged ("Multiple production and sequenced release" strategy)
3: Users of three mobile phone careers (au, docomo, softbank)
5: 5 motivations (faster internet connection, better web streaming, moving, money saving, interest in optical fiber internet)
As shown above, we thoroughly segmented our target and measured each of their viewing behaviors to optimize the campaign throughout the 100 days.
As a result of an unconventional optimization that lowered the frequency cap, the rareness of the video was increased, and audiences were motivated to actively searched for the movies.




Hakuhodo DY digital


Innovative Use of Media




Creative Director

Nao Yashiro




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