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HAATBP (Mid-level Creative)

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This year, HAATBP 2017 rolls out a separate track with mid-level focused topics. This new event format not only builds access and exposure for entry-level talent, but also gives professional development opportunities for diverse mid-level creative professionals as well.

The Mid-level professional series only for working creatives with 3-7 years of working experience. Ticket costs are $40.00 for non-members and $30.00 for members. Tickets include a separate selection of professionally focused sessions and a closed pre-cocktail session for only executives, mid-level professionals and working industry professionals. Mid-level professionals are also invited to opt-in to our mid-level talent pool of stars.

The Talent Pool of Stars is a closed recruiter tool for entry level and working professionals looking to network or advance their careers.

Don’t miss out, buy your tickets today and take advantage of our new professional development series for advertising professionals!

Please remember all proceeds collected for HAATBP go back into the production of HAATBP and supports travel stipends for students out of state to participate in HAATBP- We THANK YOU for your support

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