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One Show Interactive Vol. 10


2007 One Show Interactive Annual

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It's been a decade since we started awarding interactive advertising and much has happened, changes have come in leaps and bounds, while other things have come full circle. Nike is crowned Client of the Year for the third time for consistently doing innovative work, like this year's revolutionary collaboration with Apple for "Nike+," an application that seamlessly integrates the digital and the physical and takes both on an exhilarating worldwide run.

Viral movies have evolved with as much eloquence and wit (perhaps more) as any TV spot, take Dove "Evolution" and Smirnoff "Tea Partay," showing that shareplay on YouTube beats out airplay. This year we see some different and challenging pieces being recognized, like the clock-motion surreality of Weave Toshi "Daydream," the voyeuristic "Heidies" from Diesel, and the visual exploratory feast of Getty Images "10 Ways." Also this year, mobile phone advertising comes of age, giving one the ability to download all sorts of branded content. Heck, everything is integrated, and it's a beautiful thing.

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