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One Show Interactive Vol. 9


2006 One Show Interactive Annual

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More than just an archive or collection of names, One Show Interactive Volume 9 also includes interviews with the creators of the winning work, for a glimpse into the process and the method.

Interactive just keeps getting better, and bigger. With new categories like Viral & Email and Online Movies, One Show Interactive Volume 9 recognizes the best in the ever expanding realm of new media advertising. With work that ranges from the profoundly simple, like the Japan Advertising Council's banner for HIV awareness, to the gorgeously rendered, like Ikea's "Dream Kitchens For Everyone", this is the year that ideas catch up with technology. Witty copy can still outshine heavy production: take the MINI convertible-izer-ometer quiz and find out.

Other developments: Integrated branding is using digital media in a more centralized way, case in point the MINI Counterfeit Campaign; and there's something viral sweeping the nation. Are you watching? You shouldn't just be.

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