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A brilliant series offering brief glimpses into the minds and creative processes of some of the industry's most interesting or celebrated creatives. A new perspective is featured on the first Tuesday of each month at 10 AM EST.

A Creative Perspective | Annie Saunders

A Creative Perspective | Annie Saunders

on Mar 01, 2021

In the latest video in our A Creative Perspective series, LA-based immersive director and experience creator Annie Saunders evokes the legendary Marshall McLuhan — only in this case, the medium is both the performer and audience and the message is the here and now.

Thanks to Brian Hashimoto, Jonathan Potter, John Jenkins, Gema Galiana and the entire team at One Club for pulling this together. This video features experiential work designed, created and performed by a diverse team of collaborators including Sophie Bortolussi, Nina Caussa, Jackie Zhou, Andrew Schneider, Chu-Hsuan Chang, Iain Court, John Zalewski, Stephanie Petagno, Clare Amos, Beata Csikmak, Chris Polick, Anthony Nikolchev, Christopher Rountree, Elvy Yost, Maddie Barasch, Mike Merchant, Alex Demers, Mark Skeens, Jacqueline Tozzi, and many more.


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