The ADC Annual Awards, celebrating 100 years of excellence in design and craft, will open for entries in November! This iconic award show honors the best creative talent and groundbreaking work across many different creative disciplines, from graphic design to illustration, from publishing to packaging, from advertising to photography and all points in between.

99th Annual ADC Awards

ADC 100th Annual Awards Highlights

The first ADC gold medal winning work in 1921

ADC 100th Annual Awards

On August 13, 1920 the advertising and design worlds were changed forever with the incorporation of the Art Directors Club of New York, also known as the ADC. Founded by Louis Carl Pedlar with the lofty goal of raising the standards of commercial art to those traditionally associated with fine art, ADC has set the tone for creative excellence that the industry continues to follow a century later.

To celebrate this centennial, we at The One Club for Creativity in partnership with C&G created an online timeline to showcase the people, the historical artifacts, the thoughts and opinions, and of course the work of the past century. You'll be able to browse through every single ADC annual, read essays from across the decades — stay tuned for the 1940s debate on whether women should be permitted to join the organization — and learn about the ADC's deep history. It's a history of the very industry we all love, and we can't wait to share it with you over the coming year.

Freelancer of the Year

In partnership with Working Not Working, all ADC 100th Annual Awards Gold Cube-winning entries submitted through the freelance level of the show’s tiered pricing structure will be judged again by a separate jury that includes the WNW community. This jury will determine the top entrant, who will receive the honor at the ADC 100th Annual Awards.

The Manship Medallion, ADC's very first medal designed by Paul Manship

ADC 1938 call for entries

Tiered Pricing

ADC has established a tiered pricing structure, designed to make it easier for smaller agencies, studios and freelancers to participate. Smaller shops get a discount on entries (amount varies by discipline) and freelance creatives and one-person shops are eligible for an even greater reduction in their entry fee.

“At a time when other awards shows continually look for ways to increase their entry fees, it’s literally unheard of for a show to reduce their fees,” said Kevin Swanepoel, CEO, The One Club for Creativity. “This tiered pricing structure reflects our new mission to support and celebrate the success of the global creative community, no matter the agency location or size.”

New In-House Discipline

This year ADC has added In-House to its lineup of disciplines. An array of creative talents from In-House agencies and brands from both large and small companies will compete with one another and have their work judged by a jury of industry peers.

Original certificate of incorporation of the Art Director's Club founded in 1920


The ADC 100th Annual Awards feature 16 different disciplines, judged by 13 separate juries. Special awards include Of the Year honors, Best of Discipline, Designism and the Black Cube for Best of Show.


All entries must have been printed, published, or aired for the first time between the dates listed below in any country.

January 1, 2019 – March 26, 2021


ADC 100 will begin accepting entries in early November 2020

Regular Deadline: Friday, March 12, 2021

First Extended Deadline: Friday, March 19, 2021 *Please note that the entry fee will increase by $50 for each entry completed in the system between March 13-19.

Final Extended Deadline: Friday, March 26, 2021 *Please note that the entry fee will increase by $75 for each entry completed in the system between March 20-26.

Payment Deadline: All offline payments must reach The One Club within 15 business days of the invoice date.


Imaginary Friend Society AR Agency: Tool / Santa Monica + Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation / Los Angeles + RPA / Los Angeles + Storefront Music / New York Client: Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation Category: AR / VR / Single
The Baptism Agency: DDB / Paris + Henry / Paris + SCHMOOZE / BALLAD / Paris + MIKROS MPC / Paris Client: Ubisoft Category: Craft in Motion / Film / Cinematography - Single or Series
72POSTERS for school teams participating in the high school sumo tournament Agency: DENTSU INC. / Tokyo + J.C.SPARK inc. / Tokyo + amana inc. / Tokyo Client: THE HOKKOKU SHIMBUN Category: Posters / Traditional - Series
FW19 Collection: Oscar Wildly Agency: HAUS VON M Inc / New York Client: HAUS VON M Category: Traditional / Unisex - Collection

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