Next Creative Leaders 2022: Warangrat Rattanabumrung

By Laurel Stark Akman on Dec 13, 2022

"My goal is to get people to come in on Mondays not for work, but to have fun at the office."

Every year around this time, we announce a new class of Next Creative Leaders. And as the Co-Founder, I get the honor of reflecting on and finding the words to introduce you to our latest class. Over the past eight years, Next Creative Leaders has come to mean talent and impact to me. But this year, the word that is circling our 2022 class is legacy. We highlighted a handful of our winners this year so you could learn more about them as individuals and read their stories.

Warangrat Rattanabumrung
Associate Creative Director at Sour Bangkok


Bangkok, Thailand


Bangkok, Thailand

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What is your “breaking into advertising” story?

I graduated with an advertising major with the hope of becoming a great creative person someday. At one point, I almost gave up becasue of the constant challenges that I had to overcome but was never able to beat them. One day, I had a chance to join a workshop at Ogilvy group and won my first win. I was recruited to work there as a Copywriter, and that was the first time I got hooked on the feeling of a never-ending challenge.

How did your upbringing, family, or culture shape you as a creative?

Thai people have creativity in our DNA. We are good at adapting and coming up with creative solutions for all kinds of daily life problems. Even though none of my family members work in the industry, I grew up watching commercials and stumbling upon the local creativity everywhere in the streets of Thailand, which inspired me.

What’s the piece of NCL winning work you’re most proud of and why?

The “Girl from nowhere series” is my best work. It allowed me to expand my creativity out of the box beyond just ‘advertising’ into the entertainment platform. It’s a game changer for Thailand’s creative industry, where a creative from the advertising field can expand to a bigger and wider market.

You’ve been at SOUR for six years. What makes it a great place to work?

Sour has been a great school for creativity with passionate individuals. Everyone is constantly fighting to make the best work. The perks of a small-sized independent agency, are that we value quality over quantity, and ultimately, each creative can build a great portfolio. Young creatives also have an opportunity to create and own each project by themselves. Everyone has the freedom to throw ideas around and express their opinions regardless of their titles. And the best idea gets picked up for the right brand.

What does the rest of the world need to know about the Thai advertising community?

Thai advertising is very friendly as we struggled through a rough time together and transformed it to another level. It’s now an inclusive industry, open to a diverse group of individuals, such as LGBTQs who graduated with political science or pharmacy degrees. Everyone is keen on sharing their knowledge to create discussion and discourse. It’s also highly competitive, which moves the industry forward as everyone rapidly progresses together.

What is your favorite kind of brief to work on?

Every brief has an opportunity to be in the spotlight, but my favorite is a challenging and brave one. It’s the kind of brief that has the potential to push the boundaries of creativity. It allows me to transform the communication into entertainment such as streaming platforms, music, and idol marketing. Nowadays, brands should be brave enough to blend into human behaviors and their daily life to create brand loyalty without the consumers even knowing.

What’s a creative lesson you’ve learned in the last year?

This is a debatable era. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. As humans, we like to question and discuss everything that is intriguing to the mind. In a world that is saturated with fast-feeding content, we should be able to stop their thumb, steal their attention, and invite people to talk and discuss with the brand as a two-way communication rather than just a brand telling them what to do and how things should be.

Who is inspiring you right now and why?

Greta Gerwig, the female director of Lady Bird, Marriage Story, Little Woman, and many other films that tell stories from a woman’s point of view. Her storytelling inspires me because she talks with a deep understanding about human nature and does it with a human touch, and an empowering message beneath. Other than her strong film concepts, her screenwriting consists of powerful phrases.

How are you leaving the work and the workplace better than you found it?

I always love to create good vibes in the workplace where people enjoy working. I enjoy building an office community where people turn from strangers to besties. This is because creativity thrives in a playful environment. My goal is to get people to come in on Mondays not for work, but to have fun at the office.

"I enjoy building an office community where people turn from strangers to besties. This is because creativity thrives in a playful environment. My goal is to get people to come in on Mondays not for work, but to have fun at the office."

What made you apply for Next Creative Leaders?

This is a stage that allows female creatives to break the glass ceiling and have a voice on behalf of other women who are hesitant to step forward and stand as a leader in an industry overshadowed by men. Also, it is a platform that embraces diversity and is up to date with the current world.

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