The Art of Freelance | Du Xiao

The Art of Freelance | Du Xiao

on Mar 09, 2021

"Even if an idea is interesting, lack of beauty will lead to lack of attention...." Freelancers and self-employed creatives have long been the backbone of our industry, but don't often receive the recognition that they richly deserve. The ADC Annual Awards has sought to remedy this in recent years, by lowering the submission fees for all freelance designers and other creatives. This offers them a greater opportunity to stand shoulder to shoulder with some of the biggest studios and agencies in the world. One such freelancer is Beijing -based graphic designer Du Xiao, whose skill and attention to craft earned him a Bronze Cube in the ADC 99th Annual Awards last year. In the first video in our latest series — The Art of Freelance — he opens up about his creative evolution.


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