The Art of Freelance | Noel Pretorius

The Art of Freelance | Noel Pretorius

on Mar 17, 2021

"That's what's great about collaborating... when you can blur the boundaries between your fields to create something unexpected." Noel Pretorius is a freelance designer based in Stockholm. Together with his Spain-based creative partner Maria Ramos, they work together on various typography and lettering projects under the name of NM Type. One such project is "Movement", a variable typeface inspired by the motions of dance. This beautiful work earned Noel and Maria a Silver Cube for Innovation in Typography at the ADC 99th Annual Awards last year. "The Art of Freelance" is a video series that tells the stories of creatives who chart their own path — a growing section of the community that holds the ADC Annual Awards in high regard.


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