1980's Wine Cooler Wars!

By Bob Fagan Posted on Oct 03, 2013

There was an advertising war back in the 1980's, not with violence but with wine! Two of the most famous people in advertising history were going head to head trying to get the masses behind a new product called wine coolers. Hal Riney in San Francisco and Lee Clow in Los Angeles.

In Hal Riney's case, he came up with the name for Bartles and Jaymes and made about 150 commercials, unheard of at the time. It was so successful, they got 50% of the market in a few months. The director for the original spots was Joe Pytka.

Lee Clow was making wine coolers when he was surfing, so it was natural for him to go in the direction that Chiat/Day went. Southern California and the beaches. They recreated a Beach Blanket Bingo vibe and California Cooler took off.

We probably know who won the war, Bartles and Jaymes is still out there, but the battle produced some great advertising.

Both of these giants of advertising are in The One Club Creative Hall of Fame http://www.oneclub.org/oc/hall-of-fame/


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