Amber Vittoria: Work It, Girl!

By Brett McKenzie Posted on Mar 04, 2020

Young Guns 15 winner's "Women in the Workplace" Facebook poster series

New York-based illustrator and Young Guns 15 winner Amber Vittoria is well known for having a body of work that bends gender stereotypes and celebrates a unique vision of femininity. It was that vision that caught the eye of Facebook, who invited her into their space earlier this month for a residency. This resulted in "Women in the Workplace," a vibrant poster series that celebrates how society has begun to empathize with womanhood and the stories, thoughts, and ideas that they bring to the table.

With International Women's Day coming up this weekend, we took a few moments to chat with Amber about her project.

First up, how did this residency with Facebook come about?

The Facebook Analog Research Lab Coordinator came across my work on Instagram last year and invited me to do a residency in early 2020. I was very excited because traditionally I come across work like this and reach out to potential clients, so the other way around was an amazing experience. Facebook gave me an overarching theme of empathy, and I created my own thesis from that initial idea.

So you have a theme, but then how do you start your creative process? Does the medium ever dictate your vision or vice versa?

It can be both! For this, I was playing with different forms, a new method of printing — on a risograph — and being inspired by the individuals at Facebook. The idea of "Women In The Workplace" grew from there.

What are Facebook's plans for your work now that you've wrapped up the residency?

They are going to place the posters around all of the offices, to encourage peers to feel comfortable being themselves. I love how this process encouraged me to deep dive into one topic for several weeks, versus the traditional faster turn-around of my work. 

A lot of your work focuses on non-traditional depictions of the female form. Why is this such an important part of your creative repertoire? 

Having viewed women portrayed in fine art, in advertising, and across media, I could never relate to those depictions of womanhood. This inspired me to make portraits of women to which I can relate, and that has become an important part of my body of work.

What can we expect from you in the near future?

I'm working on a few brand-based collaborations, and hoping those come out soon!


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