Courtney Spritzer: Social Butterfly

By Louis Geist Posted on Mar 08, 2018

Socialfly Co-Founder brings her expertise to the One Show 2018 Social Influencer Marketing jury

Last year, The One Show introduced a new Social Influencer Marketing category in order to highlight brands and influencers who have shined in this symbiotic relationship (you can see this year's winners here.) We are gearing up for the 2018 edition of The One Show, and we are thrilled to be highlighting some of the Social Influencer Marketing Jury — including Courtney Spritzer, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Socialfly, a full-service social media and influencer marketing agency.

As we head into judging, we asked Courtney about her thoughts on social influencers, an ever-burgeoning corner of the marketing mix.


What was your motivation for starting Socialfly?

When my business partner, Stephanie Cartin and I, launched Socialfly in 2011 on the side of our full-time jobs, our motivation was to turn our passion for social media into a business. When I was working at American Express they were forming partnerships with Facebook and Twitter and I was fascinated by how ahead of the curve they were compared to most brands in 2011. Once we formally started our company, we were motivated to create a workplace that made employees look forward to coming to work. We believe that if you are passionate about what you do you will produce great work! 

How did you incorpoarte influencer marketing into Socialfly's repertoire?

Influencer marketing is a crucial component of most social media strategies. Since we launched our influencer division in 2016, we have executed countless influencer campaigns for our clients. Through networking, events, and social media outreach, we have grown our influencer database and built strong relationships with social influencers. Additionally, we have brands reach out to us daily for influencer marketing campaigns. 

What do you think makes a successful collaboration between influencers and brands?

A successful collaboration between an influencer and a brand relies on how well their audiences align. When we partner an influencer with a brand, we look at the demographics of their followers to ensure they align with the brand's target audience. This aspect of a campaign is where the number of followers an influencer has become less important. An influencer may have over a million followers, but if 60 percent of them are males over 30 years old, and your brand is trying to reach females between ages 18-25, you're not going to get a positive ROI. 

"An influencer may have over a million followers, but if 60 percent of them are males over 30 years old, and your brand is trying to reach females between ages 18-25, you're not going to get a positive ROI. "

What is the biggest challenge in building a brand's social presence?

When building a brand’s social media presence, the biggest challenge is changing their mindset on the importance of social media. For many companies, social media has been one person’s responsibility, and to be successful it requires a team. To execute a successful social media campaign, a brand needs a strategist, community manager, content creators and ad placement experts. As social media and influencer marketing continue to evolve, brands that aren’t utilizing these strategies will become obsolete.

Why do you think Social Influencers are so important in digital marketing right now? Do you think this marketing channel has longevity?

Social Influencers are increasingly important in digital marketing because modern consumers are discovering new products and brands through social media feeds. Consumers turn to influencers they love for trusted recommendations and opinions on products. Influencers have a deep connection, and level of trust with followers that allows them to drive sales for brands and the products they endorse. With new updates to social media platforms rolling out on a weekly basis, the opportunity for brands and digital influencers is only going to continue to grow. 

Final judging for The One Show 2018 begins on March 13, 2018


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