Creative Effectiveness: Beyond Hashtags

By Brett McKenzie Posted on Oct 22, 2016

New One Show Pencil celebrates creativity that gets results beyond "earned media."

The One Show has always set the highest of bars, and winning a Gold Pencil is real, tactile validation of your creative genius. But winning a Gold Pencil doesn't necessarily mean that you've checked off all of the client's objectives. Yes, your campaign may be breaktakingly beautiful, and it might've "gone viral" as the kids say, but did it move the needle for your client in a measureable way?

We are excited to be introducing a new category for this year's One Show to address this very convern and to honor those who conquer it. The new Creative Effectiveness Pencil salutes work that not only stuns, but also gets measureable and actionable results.

Now what does "actionable" mean? Well we are all more than familiar with case studies that rattle off how many likes, tweets and snaps a campaign gets, or how many media impressions it earns by making it into the news. Often absent, however, are how the campaigns affected sales or other engagement. How many units did it help move over last year? How many people did more than "heart" a charitable cause and helped fill their coffers? That makes this Creative Effectiveness a little more difficult to win.


Although the award is new for 2019, we went through the One Show archive and found some past Pencil winners that likely would've shined had this accolade been around.





Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables


Marcel / Paris



Annual ID



2015 Cross-Platform: Brand Transformation / Single


When Paris-based Marcel helped French supermarket chain Intermarché tackle food waste, it did so in a most playful and intriguing way. A significant amount of waste happens before food even reaches the supermarket, when prefectly good fruits and vegetables are rejected purely because they are misshapen.  Intermarché opted to but the malformed produce from their suppliers and sold it in theirr stores at a reduced rate, under the branding of "Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables".

Yes, the campaign got a ton of tweets and media impressions, but more importantly, Intermarché sold an average of 1.2 tons of this produce per store in just two days, and upped store traffic by 24%. "Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables" won the coveted One Show Green Pencil in 2015, and would've been a shoe-in for a Creative Effectiveness Pencil in 2019.




The One Show 2019 and the ADC 98th Annual Awards are both open for entries.




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