Travel the World Better

Travel the World Better

By 180LA Posted on Jan 26, 2017

We believe in today’s world, connecting across cultures on a meaningful level is more important than ever. Stepping out to understand what looks and feels like “the other” is essential to ourselves, our country and our world. Those meaningful, personal connections are the greatest reward travel can offer and they are the foundation of peace and prosperity for all.

The “travel the world better” concept personalizes the multigenerational search for understanding through the eyes of one traveler. The 60-second TV/online spot for Expedia called "Train" follows a decade-by-decade journey of a woman—reflecting back to her time as a curious 10-year-old, peeking over her neighbor’s fence, then starting a journey in her 20s—and unfolds many years later. Along the way, she receives advice, discovers empathy and understanding across cultures, and ends up sharing wise words—all because of her travels.

"The message of 'Travel the World Better' is at the core of why Expedia exists. We believe that travel has the power to transform you and shape your views of the world. We believe that the more each of us travel and peek over our neighbor’s fence, we learn that we have more in common than we have different. Our hope is that everyone can take this day to reflect on how they can connect to their neighbors across the country and around the world,” said Vic Walia, Senior Director, Brand Marketing,

"Travel has the power to bring people, cultures and ideologies closer to each other,” noted William Gelner, CCO at 180LA.

The campaign, created by 180LA, communicates Expedia’s long-held belief that travel has the power to change the world one person at a time – an insight best articulated by Mark Twain: “travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness." Expedia has a history of using its market position and marketing platform to share messages of unity, especially on controversial topics. We created a three minute version of this ad for television during the Supreme Court voting period on marriage equality a few years ago.

Pierre Janneau, creative director at 180LA, explains the piece further below.

Who is the team behind this ad?
This ad was created by a multi-cultural group of really awesome people.
Cary Ruby (US / ACD) and Florian Bodet (France / ACD)
Pierre Janneau (France / CD) and Dan Kroeger (US / CD)
Craig Keppler (South Africa / Producer), Brooke Stites (US/ account director), Rachel Gilmour (UK / Account Director), Jens Bracht (US, account manager), Anne Heuer (Planner director / US) Becca Taylor (US / Planner) and the ad was directed by John Hillcoat (Australia)

How long did shooting take from country to country?
The shoot took in total 25 days including travel and prep on locations. The shoot was split in 2 main locations/countries which were Uruguay and Malaysia.

Why did Expedia choose to air this during the inauguration?
The timing felt right. We wanted to make a statement that every single traveler has the power to positively affect the world we live in. You don’t have to go out and save the world. You just have to go out. The solution is in the process. Hopefully all people—no matter where you’re from—can find inspiration in this.

The diversity in this significant, why did you make sure to make that a point?
Not everyone has the opportunity to travel to far off lands, but whether we travel to a new part of town, a new state, a new country we inevitably come into contact with different people and cultures. That interaction helps take away the fear of the unknown. We don’t have to be alike or agree, but we’re no longer strangers. Both the visitor and the host benefit from this. That’s why travel is so important and exciting.

Why is this crucial at a time like this?
The remedy for division doesn’t have to be unity, it might just be in coming together. Literally. Going to places where we’ll find differences of opinion and culture. Travel is magical. Not just because it’s exhilarating and beautiful and fun, but because it can change us—and in turn give us the perspective, the confidence to change the world. Ultimately, it’s unique in its ability to enable us to formulate opinions that go deeper than what we see in the news or read in our social feeds.

Additional thoughts/must haves
Go make the world a better place. Whatever you believe that to be.







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