Next Creative Leaders 2022: Joss Ng'ang'a

By Laurel Stark on Dec 13, 2022

"I really hope the work I am most proud of is yet to come."

Every year around this time, we announce a new class of Next Creative Leaders. And as the Co-Founder, I get the honor of reflecting on and finding the words to introduce you to our latest class. Over the past eight years, Next Creative Leaders has come to mean talent and impact to me. But this year, the word that is circling our 2022 class is legacy. We highlighted a handful of our winners this year so you could learn more about them as individuals and read their stories.

Joss Ng’ang’a
Senior Copywriter at Dentsu Creative Nairobi


Nairobi, Kenya


Nairobi, Kenya


How did you get into Advertising?

After the end of my third-year university internship, I wanted to try something different. I had some time before I had to go back to school, so I went on a search. Internally and on Google. I knew I wanted to combine my creative side and my love for writing. I stumbled upon copywriting and wrote to one of the creative directors at WPP. He somehow offered me an internship, and my journey started there.

How did your upbringing, family, or culture shape you as a creative?

I’ve always been fond of reading. I grew up surrounded by my dad’s collection of books and magazines. By extension, I picked up writing and found a home in words. On the other hand, I grew up in a conservative home. I didn’t explore much outside of religion for a long time. My conservative upbringing has played a part in the philosophy I lived by today. I’m a much more curious, questioning, and adventurous spirit, which fuels my creativity.

What piece of winning work are you most proud of?

Netflix – The H Town Gambit. Being in this industry means dealing with more nos than yes. We pitch these big ideas to clients with the hope that they will see the vision. We keep doing it because we know some ideas are more than ideas. It opens doors. It is hope. It’s just the right spotlight. This was one of those moments. I also really hope the work I am most proud of, is yet to come.

"I really hope the work I am most proud of is yet to come."

Where do you most see yourself in your creative work?

I see myself most in the Cadbury Crunchy Dates work. We had whimsical characters and playful visual language that I still love to date. I don’t take life too seriously, and this piece of work has that essence.

What is your secret creative superpower and how do you flex it?

Mood boarding. I collect and bookmark random visuals, film frames, and good photography. My creative partner and I really enjoy looking for references– it’s how we brainstorm.

What is most inspiring about living and working in Nairobi?

The creative scene in Nairobi is vibrant. From visual arts, theatre, the writing community, and underground music dens. There are spaces and energy to tap into.

What does leadership mean to you?


Who is inspiring you right now and why?

Natasha Lyonne. I fell in love with the storytelling and artistry in Russian Doll, and I might be a little obsessed. It’s one of the funniest and most thought-provoking series I’ve watched in a while. So, I understandably stalked her online, and I’ve been enjoying listening to the story and intention behind it. Also, an all-female writer’s room? I love it even more.

What made you apply for Next Creative Leaders?

Peer pressure. I was toying with the idea, but I got that extra push from my co-workers.

If you could go back in time, what would you say to yourself on your first day as a professional creative?

No one knows what they are doing either.

LI: Joss Ng’ang’a

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