So A San Diego Student Walks into a Party…

By Alixandra Rutnik Posted on Dec 06, 2019

One young creative lands an Internship at The One Club San Diego Launch Party

Rooftop bar. Two Hundred People. Drinks… and more drinks. Yes please. The launch party for The One Club San Diego earlier this fall was a complete success. It was the first official event to recognize the merging of SDX, a longtime local ad club, and The One Club for Creativity. New members of The One Club and old members of SDX gathered together to celebrate the launch of a new chapter­– The One Club for Creativity San Diego. 

It was also an excellent time to network– something that student Alison Yang took to heart. Alison, a senior at San Diego State University studying Advertising, Journalism & Media Studies was offered an internship position at Modifly during the launch party by Elijah Schneider CEO & Founder of Modifly and a Board member of The One Club San Diego. The merging of SDX and The One Club is already providing students with unparalleled opportunities in the marketing and advertising scene. This is exactly what The One Club is here to do– highlight and connect young creatives with high-profile creatives who will help them get to where they would like to be in the professional world. We caught up with Alison and Elijah to talk about how Alison landed her internship at the launch party, how it has been going, and to hear about Elijah’s relationship with the new San Diego chapter of The One Club.


 As a volunteer, what were you expecting from The One Club San Diego Launch Party?
Alison: To be honest, I didn’t have any expectations. The initial reason why I wanted to attend was to get an idea of the kinds of people and different companies that make up the marketing and advertising community in San Diego. Volunteering at the event gave me such a great perspective on what it is like to be in the industry and I got to meet some pretty cool people, including Elijah! After attending, I can definitely say that I see myself fitting right in to this industry!

What inspired you to offer Alison the Internship at the launch party?

Elijah: It was her clear drive for wanting to work in an agency that is both creative and results focused. She is great at communicating– at Modifly we really look for people who can be open about what they want out of our agency.

After you received the internship offer, what encouraged you to accept the position at Modifly?

Alison: After learning more about Modifly and what they do, I realized it was right in line with what I wanted to do and the kind of work that interests me. I knew right away after meeting Elijah and some of the other team members at the launch party that they seemed like people I would love to work with. After talking about it with a colleague (who I actually know from college), I could tell how much he loves working at Modifly and how passionate he is about it, which made me want to accept the offer even more.

What has been the coolest thing about interning at Modifly? 

Alison: There are so many cool things about interning at Modifly, it’s hard to pick just one! One of my favorite things about the company as a whole is the diversity of different kinds of brands and clients that they do work for. I also love the company culture. Modifly is on the smaller side in terms of number of employees, but everyone is so close with each other and helps each other out, which I love!

You clearly made an impression at the party, how have you continued this at your internship?

Alison: I think one of the things that made me stand out at the party was the fact that I wasn’t afraid to put myself out there, and I have been continuing that attitude on throughout my internship by always asking lots of questions and always speaking up if I have an idea or an opinion on something.

Since Alison started her internship, how has she made an impact at Modifly?

Elijah: Alison is helping Modifly with our internal marketing. She has been giving us a great new look at the industry around us; since we work on Modifly every day, it is nice to have a fresh pair of eyes. She brings new, modern, and different ideas to our team and that is what we are looking for in our employees.

What is something that has happened at Modifly that you were not expecting?

Alison: I wasn’t expecting to learn so much right away! A lot of times you hear about interns making coffee runs or doing small tasks that don’t give you a real insight into what employees really do, but that’s not the case at Modifly. I have been learning so much relevant information to what I hope to do in the future and I am doing so through hands-on experience.

This is your last year at college, so, do you have any professional goals after graduation?

Alison: Yes, I do! Following graduation, I hope to be doing something similar to what I’m doing now with social media or digital marketing. My passions lie in the skincare, beauty, and health and wellness industries, so I would love to do something with all that one day.

Why did you decide to join the board for The One Club San Diego? 

Elijah: I feel that The One Club was a great transition for SDX. I was unofficially involved with SDX for about six months and when I was told about the merge, I felt that Modifly and I can make an impact in San Diego’s chapter for The One Club for Creativity. We feel as a community that San Diego is still a little brother in comparison to LA, Austin, New York, and other cities, so we want to get San Diego on the map. This is also great for Modifly because we have very similar values and pillars as The One Club International. 

Now that you are on the board, what goals do you have for The One Club heading into the future?

Elijah: My goal is to put San Diego on the map as a force in the creative and advertising space. We have much more to offer than tacos, the beach, and a lot of sun. In San Diego, we are driven people who want to succeed, and we do it in a pretty great place to live. And right now, my main goal for The One Club San Diego is to get moving and start big events on the West Coast– to benefit The One Club For Creativity as a whole.

Want to learn more about The One Club for Creativity’s different chapters? Click below to see our other locations and for details on how you can start your own club.



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