The Great Gold of China

By Brett McKenzie Posted on Nov 29, 2018

Five Gold Pencil-winning submissions from The One Show Greater China Awards 2018

As you undoubtedly know, The One Show 2019 is currently open for entries (and on a sidenote, today is the last day for second deadline submissions). But are you aware that The One Club hosts another version of this renowned award show on the other side of the globe?

Two weeks ago, the fifth annual edition of The One Show Greater China Awards unfolded in grand fashion in Shanghai, celebrating creative brilliance from China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. We're featuring five Gold Pencil-winning entries from the show. If you don't understand Chinese, you'll have to rely on the subtitles, but really, creativity is a universal language.


How do you resurrect the fortunes of Danzhai, a Chinese county ravaged by poverty, poor infrastructure and natural disasters? When you're The Wanda Group —one of the world's largest property developers — you build a brand new village to draw tourists. And if you're Ogilvy China, you invite 52 social influencers to each be "mayor" for a week, bringing their expertise (and their followers' attention) to the region. This campaign won Best of Show at the Greater China One Show.


Let's give ADK Taiwan a round of applause — not that we need to, since they're quite capable of creating one themselves. To encourage 7-Eleven customers to donate their spare change (a custom not popular in Taiwan) they created the Rhythm of Love Wall, which gives appreciation for small donations in a big way.


China has an ever-growing number of Alzheimer's sufferers, and a population with little understanding about the nature of the disease. mcgarrybowen's Shanghai office aimed to remedy this by creating "The Fading Font", a series of Chinese characters where the various strokes disappear over time, much like the memories of Alzheimer's patients.


You knew there had to be a tear-jerker on this list, and this is it: Apple and TBWA\Media Arts Lab's epic film about a mother and son's reunion at a train station during Chinese New Year. There's nary an iPhone to be seen in this seven-minute heartstring tugger, but it was shot entirely on an iPhone X by renowned Hong Kong director Peter Chan


To Western eyes, this looks like a beautifully animated short about a precocious pup's misadventures on the water — and it is exactly that. But in China, that dog is Joy, the lovable mascot of one of the country's largest retailers. Beijing-based brought Joy to life to coincide with the Year of the Dog.


The One Show 2019 and the ADC 98th Annual Awards are both open for entries.




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