The One Show Design

The One Show Design

By Gabriela Mirensky Posted on Jun 10, 2015

From interactive environments to a simple logo, this year’s design winners exemplify what happens when strong, innovative concepts are paired with expertly-crafted execution. They are also proof that print is far from dead. “I saw some really good work, where every little detail was considered. The quality was high: good printing technology had been used on beautiful papers, the colors were well chosen and the typography was handled well,” said Catrin Vagnemark, Creative Director/ Founder at BVD and member of this year’s jury.

With more than 1,900 entries, the jury reviewed a wide array of work that spanned from campaigns designed to make a difference in the world to responsive environments meant to give the viewer otherworldly experiences. Simon Taylor, Co-Founder of Tomato, London, observed a move towards simplicity of execution in every medium, from Film to Packaging, as one of the year’s trends.

“The creative work at the One Show Design was simply spectacular. Having the opportunity to see, touch, and even smell so many projects from around the world was a truly inspiring event,” said juror and CEO/Co-Founder of Design Army, Jake Lefebure.


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