By Yash Egami Posted on Jun 03, 2016

Our latest Creative Showcase spotlight features “The Surprise” for Interac Association, created by Zulu Alpha Kilo in Toronto. Not only is the spot visually stunning, it ends with a surprise twist. Check out the video, and if you’re interested in submitting work into the Creative Showcase follow the link here.

Who is Interac?
Interac Debit allows Canadian consumers to pay electronically using the money from their bank account. Interac helps Canadians stay out of debt and “Be in the Black”.

How did you come up with the idea?
The brief was to show how "it feels good to use your own money" vs paying with credit. What better way to demonstrate this than the through the eyes of a child. After all, kids are naturally wise with money. They can’t get a credit card, so even when they really want something, they have no choice but to spend what they have. As North America grapples with increasing debt, sometimes all it takes is a child's perspective to see the world differently.

The music is perfect—who and where is it from?
The track is “Lost in the Light” by Bahamas—a Canadian musician from Toronto.

Where was it shot and who shot it?
The film was Directed by Tomas Mankovsky. The Director of Photography was Steve Annis—both great talents out of the UK. The film was shot in and around Toronto.


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