Roar into 2022

By Alixandra Rutnik on Feb 26, 2022

Poster art inspired by The Year of the Tiger

If anything, we should all be channeling the energy of Katy Perry's hit-single "Roar" throughout the entirety of 2022. The tiger is strong, fierce, and brave– so let's strive to embody all of these characteristics and get after it.

We teamed with our One Club China colleagues again this year to share beautiful artwork in celebration of the Lunar New Year. We opened up the submissions to all artists this year and we recieved amazing entries inspired by The Year of the Tiger from both students and professionals. We're sure you've seen most of these pieces by now across our social channels, but here is a quick recap!

Li Tongtong
Wuhan Huaxia Institute of Technology
Visual Communication Design

It is a traditional Chinese custom to paste spring couplets and window flowers for the Chinese New Year. The art represents the tiger bringing blessings to everyone in the new year.

Sussy Navia & Belén Navia
Creative at Ogilvy El Salvador & Illustrator at Le Cua Agency

Lunar New Year has different rituals and customs to bring luck to all Asian families around the world. However, luck is never enough when they may be victims of racist violence. So, as we set goals for this new cycle, let's try to cut out HATE from our diet.

Fernando Raposo
Freelance Motion Designer

The symbol 王 (Wáng/king) in the Tiger’s head was given by the Jade Emperor as a reward for bringing balance to the human world, the forest, and the sea. The symbol 虎 (Hu) in the middle of the poster means "Tiger." Happy New Year (新年快乐)!

Chang Shu Chun
Visual Communication Design

Slot machines are an expression of childhood and mahjong is a form of entertainment, therefore I combinined the two to make the Year of the Tiger rich in wonder and wealth. Using "Hu La" to interpret "Hu La," which means good luck and wealth in the Year of the Tiger.

海报所展现的信息 如:老虎机是具有童趣的一种表达,麻将是中国人娱乐的一种模式,两者结合从而让虎年富有童趣与财富。用“虎啦”来诠释“胡啦”表示虎年好运连连,财富爆棚。

Visual Communication Design

The work borrows from the expression form of Xu Bing’s “Heavenly script,” combines the “Auspicious year of the tiger” in English with the brush strokes of calligraphy, and portrays the adorable tiger for the new year through the organic fusion of Chinese red and ink. I wish you all a happy day and a happy year of the tiger!

康亮 杨帆 | 重庆城市科技学院 | 视觉传达设计 | 重庆城市科技学院 学生 该作品借鉴徐冰“天书”的表现形式,将“虎年大吉”的英文辅以书法的笔触,将萌虎闹新春的可爱萌态形象化的展示,通过中国红与文墨香有机融合。祝福各位欢“天”喜地,虎年大吉

Cai Qingshun
Hebei Academy of Fine Arts
Visual Communication & Art Design

The work combines traditional elements of the new year: coins and the little tiger of the Chinese zodiac. The art integrates the circle of the sky, giving the attribute of traditional Chinese thought and culture. The tiger is connected, and the tiger's wealth is rolling in.

Veronika Kiriyenko
Freelance Illustrator

The Water Tiger is here! Let's celebrate! May this year bring you prosperity and happiness.


Even if words or sentence patterns are disrupted, the meaning expressed in Chinese can still be obtained, and the text itself is uniquely decorative. I tried to use a variety of different fonts and scramble them to create a fresh and active visual effect in the poster design for the Year of the Tiger. Chinese words have gained new "meanings" because of the "chaotic" distribution. In the poster, you can clearly feel the blessings from the New Year, and subconsciously choose the words to receive it.

海报设计理念:我注意到在中文的语境下,即使打乱词语或句型也依然能够获得中文所表达的含义,而文字本身独有装饰性,根据这一想法,在虎年海报设计中,我尝试使用多种不同字体并将其打乱营造一种新鲜的活跃的视觉效果,中文词语因为“混乱”的分布而获得了新的“含义”— 在海报中,你可以清晰地感受到来自新年的祝福,并下意识地选词拼接来接受它。

Design by Yang Xiukai & Illustration by Tian Meiling
Graphic Designer & Illustrator

“Following the instinct, the body is dancing to the music.” The roll of drums is awakening the sleeping happiness inside the body. You will find that your body, which is bursting with vitality, is drawing a beautiful dancing shape to the rhythm. The man is full of ideas. The faith in enjoying life in adversity in the Year of Tiger will guide us to make progress. We hope we will learn to be a little happier in the post-pandemic era.

“身随⼼动,形随乐感”。⿎声震天,可以稍微唤醒下我们体内沉睡 的快乐因⼦。你会发现:你还是那样充满⾊彩的活⼒,律动出跳跃 的曲线。⼈是观念的产物,引领我们向上的是⻁(苦)中作乐的信 念,愿后疫情时代,我们都能学会让⾃⼰快乐⼀点。

Julien Chung
Children's Book Illustrator

The Tiger Dance

Happy Lunar New Year from The One Club for Creativity!


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