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The ADC Annual Awards is the oldest continuously running industry award show in the world. Now in its incredible 102nd year, these awards celebrate the very best in advertising, digital media, graphic and publication design, packaging and product design, motion, experiential and spatial design, photography, illustration and fashion design all with a focus on artistry and craftsmanship.

2022 ADC Awards - Advertising

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Agency dentsuMB / New York + FTX

Client FTX


Branded Content / Entertainment - TV / Film

Annual ID


About the Work

For most Americans, crypto is for the few. It's at the intersection of too good to be real and too real to ignore. Subsequently, most people are still sitting on the sidelines waiting for the time to be right. We took their hesitation head-on by demonstrating just how idiotic it is to miss out on the next big thing. For our Super Bowl spot, we told the story of a person they DON’T want to be – someone who always passes up on the next big thing - as an invitation for viewers to avoid being that person. Who better to represent someone who'd pass up every good opportunity than Mr. Skeptic himself, Larry David? And what better backdrop to tell this story against than the defining inventions throughout human history. In our spot, we show Larry David passing up on ‘the next big thing’ throughout history -- Inventions that are now the backbone of our everyday existence (the wheel, the fork, the phone) -- to prove just how idiotic it is to miss out on something that is clearly the next big thing. Just like crypto. While the campaign launched shortly before the deadline, we can disclose coverage coming from a multitude of high-impact publications like USA Today, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, late night shows and national broadcast entities—with lots of chatter while we kept all our Super Bowl details tight-lidded. According to FTX US’s Series A and operation update announcements made in late January 2022, its first year of marketing with creative AOR has been a force multiplier for growth: -Average daily trading volume grew 608% in 2021 -Total spot crypto traded in the first full year of operation eclipsed $67B -1.2M users are now on the exchange, an increase of 11,900% in 2021

2022 Awards

Total Points: 9



dentsuMB / New York

Client / Brand


Production Company


Music / Sound Production Company

JSM Music / New York


Seamus Kilmartin


Andrew Paulus


Jeff Schaffer

Director of Photography

Darren Lew


Ian Mackenzie

Executive Creative Director

Jason Stefanik
Matías Martty

Executive Producer

Gina Pagano
Bennett Lieber

Graphic Designer

Emily Thomas
Luis Valencia


Jason Nocito

Account Director

Tori Howlett

Account Executive

Kari Ludvigson

Assistant Editor

Cooper McLane


Kath Raisch

Costume Designer

Christina Mongini

Head of Production

Carissa Ranelycke
Ani Mikirdichian

Interactive Developer

Geoffrey Cook

Project Manager

Tory Maclachlan

Senior Art Director

Christian Maine De Biran

Senior Copywriter

Daniel Freeda

Senior Producer

Andrew Manning
Norm Felker

3D Animator

Cecilia Nguyen

Assistant Editor (Teasers)

Franklin Ponce

Associate Account Executive

Manuela Abenante

Associate Public Relations Manager

Marianna Adgemian


Heard City

Audio Mixer

Keith Reynaud

Audio Mixer (Teasers)

Sam Shaffer

Brand Strategy Director

Aminata Sow

CEO / CCO / Composer

Joel Simon

Chief Strategy Officer

Jamie Shuttleworth


Company 3

Compositing Lead

Jeric Pimentel

Compositing Supervisor

Gerard Andal
Kyle Andal


Rodrigo DeLaParra

Digital Matte Painter

Celeste Caliri
Daniel Bayona

Director Business Affairs & Talent

Sue Ayson

Director of Brand Communications

Katie Walley-Wiegert

Director, Integrated Strategy

Mallory Jones

Director, Public Relations

Michael Olson

Editor (Teasers)

Mike Rizzo



EVP, Account Management

Tanya Kesmodel

EVP, Client President

Daniel Maiello

EVP, Integrated Production

Ed Zazzera

EVP, Public Relations

Stacey Kerans

Executive Producer, Integrated Production

Andrea Rastogi

Executive Producer/Head of Sales

Mike Lobikis

External Communications Lead

Katrina Cabrera

FX Artist

Alejandro Echeverry



Group Design Director

Brian Gartside

Group Director, Social Marketing & Strategy

Denitria Lewis

Head of Marketing

Nathaniel Whittemore

Head of Partnerships

Sina Nader

Insights Director, Public Relations

Keith Warden

Japanese Translator

Yumi Mizui

Lead Flame Artist

Chihcheng Peng


Claire Yawen Chang
Da Kim

Manager, Social Marketing & Strategy

Terrance Bynum

Managing Director/Executive Producer

Lisa Tauscher


Adam Rosenzweig
Orges Kokoshari



Music Licensing Producer

Kaylyn Keane

On Set VFX Supervisor

Jesse Bradstreet

President of West Region

Laurel Flatt

Producer, Integrated Production

Ross Patton

Production Designer

Jeffrey Beecroft

Senior Graphic Designer

Sophia Del Plato

Senior Manager, Business Affairs & Talent

Dj Gaffey

Senior Music Producer

Stephen Stallings

Senior Producer, Integrated Production

Adrienne Darnell

Senior Public Relations Manager

Greta Gustafson

Senior Strategist

Kathryn Saulitis

Sr CG Supervisor

Alex Cheparev

Sr Producer

Liana Rosenberg

Supervising VFX Producer

Kristin Engdahl

SVP, Diversity Equity & Inclusion

Kai Deveraux Lawson

SVP, Global Music Production

Jerry Krenach

SVP, Integrated Production

Stacy Kay

SVP, Integrated Strategy

Anna Conroy

SVP, Marketing & Communications

Kelly Harrison

SVP, Project Management

Melissa Cohen

US Chief Creative Officer

Menno Kluin



VFX Assist

Michael DeCaprio

VFX Coordinator

Olivia Vitagliano

VP / Executive Producer

Jeff Fiorello

VP of Partnerships

Lou Frangella

VP, Business Affairs & Talent

Joanne Garber

VP, Corporate Communications

Melissa Hensley

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