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The ADC Annual Awards is the oldest continuously running industry award show in the world. Now in its incredible 102nd year, these awards celebrate the very best in advertising, digital media, graphic and publication design, packaging and product design, motion, experiential and spatial design, photography, illustration and fashion design all with a focus on artistry and craftsmanship.

2022 ADC Awards - Advertising

Every Home


Client O₂ Deutschland


Craft in Video / Special Effects

Annual ID


About the Work

O₂ is the home internet provider in Germany, which not only offers the greatest Internet availability, but also all available types of internet access technologies - from normal DSL connections to 5G-based WiFi and up to super-fast fiber optic Internet. In short: O₂ has the right internet for every home. To show that, we created a house that stands for every home in Germany: The Every Home. A house that represents all ways of life and the most diverse architectural and building styles that are typical in Germany - from simple to noble, from urban to rural. A total of over 100 different homes under one roof. In a cinematic cinema spot, we brougt this iconic and imposing building to life. Our protagonist: A pizza delivery girl. She's supposed to deliver a pizza to the top floor. What follows is an adventurous journey through the Every Home. On her way up she meets different residents who use the O₂ Internet in their own way – and walks between different daytimes. The biggest challenge was to integrate the different homes she passes and the different lighting situations from day to night into the overall structure of the key visual – to have a coherent architectural impression in the end without compromising on realism and plausibility. Atmospheric elements like 2D and 3D clouds and volumetric lights complemented the composition. To support the architectural perception of the total structure, there were shots in which real images were combined with CGI elements and visual effects as well as completely artificial generated sets.

2022 Awards

Total Points: 3

Merit Honor




Production Company

Neverest / Hamburg

Media Agency

Havas Media Germany / Frankfurt

Music Company

Peder & Asger Baden


Rodrigo Saavedra

Director of Photography

Benjamin Todd

Account Director

Sabrina Schwartz

Agency Producer

Christoph Köhler

Global Chief Creative Officer

Alex Schill


nhb studios / Hamburg

Senior Art Director

Tudor Cucu

Senior Copywriter

Philipp-Morten Gohla

Sound Design

nhb studios / Hamburg


Ivan Pechalin
Karim Eich
Peter Pflaum
Philipp Sieben
Sven Rabe
Sylvia Unglaub

3D Production / VFX


Account Manager

Nico Lohmann

Audio Producer

Stephan Gill


Werner Klemm

CG Lead

Sebastian Brandhuber

Chief Consumer Office

Wolfgang Metze


Jan Puchta


Jonas Stilitz

Concept Art, Matte Painting & 2D

Johannes Müller
Jonas Littke

Creative Director Art

Pavel Bondarenko

Creative Director Copy

Daniel Steller

Director Brand & Marketing Communications

Michael Falkensteiner

Film Production Company



Christopher Klotz
Norman Struwe

Head of Competence Center Communication

Brigitte Giels

Head of Media, Sponsoring & Brand Data Analytics

Hans Jordan


Norman Zeidler
Simon Cyrus

Junior Account Manager

Johanna Pitz


Joris Van den Berg

Managing Creative Partner

Leif Johannsen
Patrick Matthiensen

Managing Partner

Lars Holling

Post-Production / Grading

Marla Colour Grading / Sao Paulo


Amel Mahouast

Principal E2E Communication

Georg Ludwig

Principal End to End Communications

Nikolaus Lemli

Production Assistant

Valeria Preisler

Production Designer

Mark Connell

Production Lead

Dominik Meis

Senior Brand Manager

Rafael Binczyk

Senior Marketing Communications Manager

Stefanie Welter

Senior Media Manager

Tobias Jacob

Service Production

Shelter Film / Kyiv

Sound Engineer

Felix Lamprecht
Johannes Roeske
Markus Roseneck
Stephan Lügger


Barbara Gonzalez Rada

VFX Executive Producer

Matthias Winter

VFX Producer

Amelie Zilliox

VFX Supervisor / Compositioning

Mortimer Warlimont

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