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2022 ADC Awards - Advertising

The life-saving receipt


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BACKGROUND Unlike other countries, in Germany you must explicitly confirm that you want to donate your organs. But you don’t really need an official donor card for that. All you need Is a simple piece of paper and your signature. And still three people in Germany die every day because of the severe lack of organ donors. Although 84% of Germans think organ donation is worth supporting, only 39% have organ donor card. IDEA To make the process to become an organ donor easier than ever before, we used our checkout receipts and added officially approved organ donor cards to them. We gave them to our customers with every purchase. In that way we lowered the barrier for our customers to make the move and become an organ donor. With our initiative we actively spoke to our customers and raised awareness where they at least expected it. We kickstarted people to talk about organ donation and even signing their own donor card directly in our store. EXECUTION For three days, starting on German organ donation day, we printed organ donor cards on every checkout receipt. To make sure they weren’t overlooked, we printed them where our customers usually found our popular coupons and promotions. And we had them officially approved by the German ministry of health education. RESULTS In only three days we distributed more organ donor cards as the ministry of health and education in the year 2020. In total we handed out over 4 million organ donor cards. Without spending a single Euro. Our initiative raised a discussion about organ donation amongst our customers and got them talking directly with us. In that way we could build and extend the personal brand experience of our customers and we brought the topic of organ donation back into the national spotlight.

2022 Awards

Total Points: 3

Merit Honor




Music / Sound Production Company

Media Music / Hamburg

Art Director

Jonas Menze


Ralph Merettig

Executive Creative Director

Alexander Nagel
Christoph Everke

Executive Producer

Aisha Blackwell


Nina Geiger

Global Chief Creative Officer

Alex Schill

Chief Creative Officer Germany

Matthias Harbeck

Junior Account Manager

Rabea Sinnreich

Junior Copywriter

Emilia Möbus

Junior Online Designer

Philipp Elsner

Producer Film Departement

Sabina Günther

Recording Studio

Hastings Music / Hamburg


Richard Williams

Trainee Art

Fabian Kräkel


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