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2022 ADC Awards - Brand / Communication Design

Seng Cheong Restaurant Rebranding


Client Seng Cheong Restaurant


Branding / Branding Systems / Identities - Integrated

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The logo design of SengCheong Restaurant adopts a more direct expression, using a strong crab as a graphic symbol to set the tone of the entire brand. Since the 1960s, SengCheong has planted its root in the small fishing village of Taipa. It starts-up made a sign with crab congee, and Macau crab congee is well-known all over the world due to the continuous improvement and refinement of SengCheong for decades. They have been bound together in diners’ mind, and this logo is to deepen and strengthen this concept. SengCheong Crab is no longer a vague concept, but a concrete cultural symbol and inheritance mark. The image of the crab adopts depicting the golden edge to make the crab visually stronger. Using metal materials in graphic design has become the trend of brand and product design in recent years. It highlights the luxury and elegance, using the metal texture partially would create a sense of light luxury and enhance the brand tonality of SengCheong. The Logo uses red and green as the color of main graffiti text. As in the traditional Chinese aesthetics, the combination of red and green is the most powerful and representative color scheme, emphasizing SengCheong as a Chinese Restaurant, and a sense of historical significance that has been passed down for half a century; moreover, red represents vitality and unity, which is also " the Mutual Helping Spirit of Rua do Cunha" that SengCheong wants to convey to the public. Green represents nature and health, which indicates that SengCheong carefully selects the products and puts heart into cooking crab congee for customers. The text of SengCheong keeps using calligraphy font of the original signboard to maintain the original charm of SengCheong. It makes SengCheong more historic and emphasizes the Chinese style of SengCheong again.

2022 Awards

Total Points: 21


Design Firm

Untitled Macao
Au Chon Hin / Untitled Macao
Untitled Design, Ltd.


Rex Chang


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