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2022 ADC Awards - Brand / Communication Design

CRTA – Visual identity created with the help of AI

Agency Bruketa&Zinic&Grey / Zagreb

Client Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture at the Zagreb Univ



Annual ID


About the Work

The CRTA is a Regional Centre of Excellence for Robotic Technology within the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture at the University of Zagreb, Croatia. The Faculty is responsible for innovations such as RONNA, a robotic system for neurosurgical applications. The visual identity was derived from the artificial intelligence’s ability to learn, applied in this case to writing of the word “crta”. The name of the institution, spelled out by students in their own handwriting, provided input for AI. The resulting information was processed, leading to a variety of artificial intelligence’s visual feedback, which served as a basis for visual identity. In Croatian, the word crta means line. Mathematically, it is defined as a set of points in a plane. The designers, relying on representations of the concepts contained in the abovementioned definition, point, line and plane, played with the data inputs created by AI. The underlying principle of the first element, inspired by point, was the neuron network, an array of interconnected points. The initial C was transformed into a dotted trajectory, thickened randomly to form axis z, and eventually turned into a new 3D object. The second element, inspired by line, is based on a vector representation of the trajectory followed by the RONNA robotic arm during brain surgery. The third element, inspired by plane, came out of the augmented letter trace. The resulting visual identity is in interplay of various combinations of the abovementioned elements. The visual representation of the concepts contained in the definition of the word line is a symbolic representation of the process of growth i.e. the trainings provided to the Centre’s beneficiaries. It is a bridge between the individual – a student or a scholar – and their professional surroundings – be it a corporate, education or academic system, for that matter.

2022 Awards

Total Points: 3

Merit Honor


Design Firm

Bruketa&Zinic&Grey / Zagreb

Art Director

Borjan Pavlek

Creative Director

Davor Bruketa
Ivo Payer


Bruno Bolfan

Account Director

Dina Borosic

Account Executive

Barbara Busic

Music Composer

Dubravko Robic

PhD, Asisstant Professor

Marko Svaco

PhD, Full Professor

Bojan Jerbic

Postdoctoral Student

Josip Vidakovic

PR Manager

Jelena Mihelcic

Research Assistant

Filip Suligoj
Bojan Sekoranja

Video Animator

Tvrtko Karacic

Video Production Manager

Anja Pecovnik

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