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2022 ADC Awards - Illustration

"FAR SIDE OF THE MOON" Mooncake Packaging

Agency Indego Design / Macau

Client Mandarin Oriental, Macau


Packaging / Series

Annual ID


About the Work

Mandarin Oriental is an international luxury hotel brand with a history of more than 50 years. It is rich in oriental culture and famous for its luxurious and elegant style. This project is also a challenging collaboration project for us: How to let the public recognize and accept the young and trendy side of Mandarin Oriental is our target.

As a brand-new attempt of Mandarin Oriental - Macau in view of the young market, this design project specially makes the selection of "Far Side of the Moon" as the design theme. By focusing on the traditional customs and stories of the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, we use humorous and absurd techniques to create an upside-down illustration world full of imagination. When it comes to the design style, we integrate the fashion and vitality pursued by young people into the oriental culture and luxury style of the hotel brand. For people living on the other side of the moon in the illustration, they make the celebration of the festival in conventional and unconventional ways, which indicates that the Oriental Mandarin hotel brand with a long history will be full of vitality, daring to challenge and more diversified in the future development. In terms of visual design, we carried out bold creations to take over the public’s traditional impression of the brand. Vibrant colours were applied to the package design, in the form of illustrations, bringing in space and Chinese elements. This combined tradition and modernity ingeniously, presenting a new brand visual experience.

This mooncake packaging collaboration project is the first breakthrough for Mandarin Oriental to breathe new life into the brand and break its previous image. Explores the unknown young, fashionable and innovative side of Mandarin Oriental and discover possibilities for opening up traditional oriental culture to young people.

2022 Awards

Total Points: 45


Design Firm

indego design / Macau

Art Director

Ieong Kun Lam

Creative Director

Dan Ferreira


Ieong Kun Lam

Digital Artist

Dyno Productions


Ieong Kun Lam

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