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The ADC Annual Awards is the oldest continuously running industry award show in the world. Now in its incredible 102nd year, these awards celebrate the very best in advertising, digital media, graphic and publication design, packaging and product design, motion, experiential and spatial design, photography, illustration and fashion design all with a focus on artistry and craftsmanship.

2022 ADC Awards - Motion / Film / Gaming Craft


Agency Area 23, An IPG Health Company / New York + Insmed Incorporated / Bridgewater + Jamute / São Paulo + Passion Pictures / London

Client Insmed Incorporated


Craft in Motion / Film / Use of Music / Sound

Annual ID


About the Work

People suffering from undiagnosed NTM lung disease aren’t being heard by their doctors. Their complaints about painful and disruptive symptoms are getting ignored, leaving them misdiagnosed for years. We needed to get their doctors’ attention. So, we employed the art of storytelling to deliver their message directly to doctors through a breakthrough campaign that finally communicated how hard it is for NTM patients to live without a diagnosis. We paired real NTM patients with animators from around the world to create one-of-a-kind original films that communicate the long, difficult journey to an NTM lung disease diagnosis. The animations demand that doctors identify, diagnose, and treat NTM before their patients pay the price. “Trapped” is the reimagining of Beth’s story using stop-motion animation. Prior to being diagnosed, Beth’s NTM trapped her in an endless cycle that took a toll on her personal and professional life. She felt like she couldn’t break free from the disease’s symptoms, which made her cough constantly and feel fatigued and feverish. These symptoms make up this monstrous contraption, which personifies the shame and embarrassment NTM victims suffer every day. The original track that plays throughout the film reinforces this repetition and madness that the main character feels.

2022 Awards

Total Points: 45



Area 23, An IPG Health Company / New York

Client / Brand

Insmed Incorporated / Bridgewater

Production Company

Passion Pictures / London

Music / Sound Production Company

Jamute / São Paulo

Post Production Company

Crew Cuts / New York
Fuze Image Ltda / Curitiba

Chief Creative Officer

Tim Hawkey


James Pinto


Anna Mantzaris

Account Team

Jack O’Shaughnessy
Martha Simpson

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