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2022 ADC Awards - Motion / Film / Gaming Craft

Can't Negotiate the Melting Point of Ice

Agency NOMINT / London

Client WWF Arctic Programme


Craft in Motion / Film / Animation

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About the Work

To add to the global pressure to world leaders during the COP26 negotiations WWF asked us to help raise awareness about the devastating destruction of the Arctic and how this destruction affects the rest of the planet. We decided to create an emotional film that highlights the urgency of the matter by communicating that time is running out. We used the natural properties of ice to create a stop motion film that is, itself, melting away. A direct metaphor created entirely using real, melting ice. We used an innovative combination of 3D-Printing, Mould-Making, and Ice-sculpting to create 500 unique polar bear ice-sculptures that were then used to create the stop-motion animation. More than 1000 litres of ice were used to create the polar-bear sculptures and environment. The film took a year to produce. The medium itself, as well as the process of making the film, reflected the message we were trying to communicate and made the production of the film particularly hard, as with every melted sculpture and ruined shot, we were being reminded of the devastating issue at hand and how easy it is to underestimate it. During the 12 days of COP26 the film went viral reaching 12M+ viewers, resulting to 185K engagements. (~190 engagements/post) People started using #CantNegotiateWithIce with posts unrelated to the film. The film was translated in four languages and twenty-four WWF offices from around the globe used the film as part of their COP26 campaign, making the film one of the biggest environmental campaigns of the year.

2022 Awards

Total Points: 3

Merit Honor



NOMINT / london

Production Company

NOMINT / london


Jua Braga

Creative Director

Yannis Konstantinidis

Executive Producer

Marilena Vatseri

Music Supervisor

Ted Regklis

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