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2022 ADC Awards - Motion / Film / Gaming Craft

See Season 2 Main Title Sequence

Agency Method Made / New York + Apple + Endeavor Content

Client Apple TV


Motion / Film / Title Sequences

Annual ID


About the Work

SEE's second season picks up after the catastrophe in Season 1 that wiped out most of humanity and left the few survivors unable to see. This sequence is designed to capture the essence of this season's arc in which the survivors venture into the dangerous unknown. The show creators worked very closely with blind actors and consultants to make sure that the portrayals were based on an intense understanding of how people are able to comprehend their environment and progress through a space. The concepts of echolocation and sensory perception play a large in role in this. Just as a blind person might feel their way through the space in front of them before moving onto the next area, we designed moments in the sequence in which the ground plane and other visual information revealed themselves in pieces. Much of this has to do with gathering small bits of information based on other senses and gradually piecing together the sense of space in the mind's eye. Whether representing a mountain range, an empty skyscraper or blind soldiers fighting for their lives, every object in the piece had to get the VFX reveal treatment. This post-apocalyptic world the characters find themselves in is represented in the piece in a somewhat abstract form, much of which is subsumed in the tendril-like forms we created to enhance the mysterious sense the characters feel making their way through this strange new world. This sequence was likely the most ambitious and technically complex project I'd done to date. There were so many elements that had to fit together perfectly. And to make things even more challenging, we made the "camera" seem to flow seamlessly through all the shots to give the entire sequence the feeling of being a single epic journey.

2022 Awards

Total Points: 3

Merit Honor


Client / Brand


Production Company

Endeavor Content

Post Production Company

Method Made / New York

Creative Director

Johnny Likens

Executive Producer

Adrienne Mitchell


Chris Arruda

Managing Director

Stuart Robinson

Senior Producer

Emily Schaeberle

CG Arist/Lighter

Claire Yawen Chang

CG Artist

Jeongyeon Son

CG Supervisor

Brian Dinoto


Michael Glenn
Rodrigo de la Parra

Executive Producer and Showrunner

Jonathan Tropper

FX Artist

David Derwin
Kevin Gillen
Tomas Zaveckas

Production Coordinator

Natalia Zsholobchuk

Senior FX Supervisor

Tomas Slancik

VFX Supervisor

Gong Myung Lee


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