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2022 ADC Awards - Packaging Design

NIVEA SUN Melanoma Plaster

Agency Jung von Matt AG / Hamburg + MassiveMusic / Berlin + .fount GmbH / Berlin

Client Beiersdorf AG


Design for Good / Packaging Design

Annual ID


About the Work

1 in 5 people will get skin cancer. And the most dangerous form is malignant melanoma. Luckily there are endless apps that help detect the signs. So problem solved, right? Wrong. Detect melanoma early and it's 99% curable. Detect it late and it could be too late. That's why checking is so important, yet so few people do it. So how do you get them to check? NIVEA SUN took a simple plaster – a household item that people use on average twice a year – and turned it into a powerful reminder for people to check their skin for the early signs of melanoma. Plasters in diverse skin tones were printed with realistic melanoma, to remind people to check their skin show them what to check for too. And the plaster’s message reaches people right at the moment when they are already caring for their skin – in a way that technology does not. On the box, a bold line: ‘this could save your life’ urges people into action, while on the reverse, the ABCDE of melanoma guides people through the different symptoms. The packaging itself is not only a guide – it also links people directly to online information about skin cancer prevention and treatment via a QR code. On social media, influencers shared plaster unboxing videos with the hashtag #SaveYourSkin, spreading awareness further. Two days after launching, the plasters were out of stock in NIVEA stores. 20,000 plasters found their way to Nivea customers and visits to NIVEA's Skin Cancer Awareness Portal multiplied – starting a new chapter in NIVEA’s global commitment against skin cancer.

2022 Awards

Total Points: 3

Merit Honor



Jung von Matt AG / Hamburg

Production Company

.fount GmbH / Berlin

Music / Sound Production Company

Massive Music / Berlin

Art Director

Boreum Kim
Renato Valim

Creative Director

João Peixoto
Sarah Buggle

Senior Copywriter

Harvey Wilks

Art Intern

Carol Benito

Client Service Director

Kristian von Elm

Copy Intern

Arief Dharmawan Britantio

DTP Operator

Silke Fleischhauer

Global Director NIVEA Communication Operations & Agency Management

Dagmar Janke

Head of Productions

Malte Rehde

Junior Art Buyer

Antonia Mosler

Junior Concept Creative

Natalia Zapata

Junior Copywriter

Juan Kebork

Managing Director Creative & Partner

Dörte Spengler-Ahrens
Jan Harbeck

Project Manager Social Media

Antonia Kuehn

Senior DTP Operator

Marion Beeck

Senior Print Production Manager

Birgit Weber

Senior Project Manager & Operations

Moya Koren

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