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2022 ADC Awards - Typography

Let’s end dyslexia – with Lexend

Agency Superunion / Munich + Google Fonts + CosmosDirekt / Saarbrücken + Lexend / Nashville

Client Lexend


Design for Good / Typography

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About the Work

One in ten, or at least 780million people worldwide are thought to have dyslexia. It's a pervasive issue, occurring worldwide, regardless of culture or language. Struggling with reading can cause a great deal of stress and embarrassment for people with dyslexia – affecting both their self-confidence and educational or career opportunities presented to them throughout life. Working in collaboration with Dr. Bonnie Shaver-Troup, Google Fonts and others, an open-access, variable typographic system was designed to change how the world reads. Introducing Lexend – An open-access, variable typeface system, designed to change and improve how the world reads. Lexend reduces visual stress and improves reading performance. Enhanced letter differentiation improves recognition & legibility. The inside of enclosed letter forms are enlarged & opened as well as expanded X height, ascenders & descenders. Hyper-expansion of character spacing is what makes Lexend special, creating a greater lag time & reduces potential crowding/masking effects, contributing to improved character recognition. Lexend's impact has been phenomenal, with over half a million downloads and more than 2 billion web views – where a browser's applied a font from the Lexend family, rendering it on a web page – through Google Fonts. As technology evolves, , fonts will be more accessible. Offering Lexend on Google Fonts is part of the ongoing process of giving more options to customize the reading experience. Combining some of the latest technology in font software with academic-based research into professional type design, Lexend pulls the most important typographic factors in reading-proficiency into a variable font that improves reader’s Words Correct per Minute score. • Almost 20% improvement in words correctly identified per minute • 90% of the pupils had better scores with Lexend compared to Times New Roman The Lexend project is all about accessibility, that's why Lexend is available for free, for everyone and on Google Fonts.

2022 Awards

Total Points: 21



Superunion / Munich
Google Fonts

Client / Brand

CosmosDirekt / Saarbrücken
Lexend / Nashville


Markus Haltmayr

Head of Brand

Jeromy Lohmann

Lead UX Programmes & Operations

Dave Crossland

Principal Design & Founder of the Lexend Project

Dr. Bonnie Shaver-Troup

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