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2022 ADC Awards - Typography

Shelter: Fight For Home

Agency SUPERUNION / London + Who Wot Why / London + Shelter / London + There Is Studio / London

Client Shelter


Design for Good / Typography

Annual ID


About the Work

Shelter is a social housing charity in the UK. Founded as a grassroots movement in 1966, it faces the same issues today as it did back then - a housing crisis at breaking point. Over the decades social housing has declined, austerity has followed, and thousands of people have been made homeless. A safe home is a fundamental right for everyone and 17,000,000 people in the UK do not have one. Shelter support those who need it the most. It helps people understand their rights, confronts landlords and petitions the government. Shelter has always been fearless in the fight for safe homes, but over the years the brand had lost its voice. With fundraising events and 100+ high street shops (UK), it had become another polite charity. We re-positioned them an activist organisation to demonstrate to the UK that Shelter is standing up to the housing crisis by saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. We took Shelter back to its roots. Inspired by protest, we created an aggressive brush stroke visual language - designed to positively disrupt. Shelter has started a movement; they needed a universal symbol to represent their fight. We created a new logo comprising a red arrow combining the iconic shape of a roof with a positive upwards arrow. A font was designed and developed from detailed brush strokes to capture the real movement and urgency in each letter. It gives Shelter a voice to redact and amend words - to turn negatives into positives. Furthermore, shapes and graphic devices were created to intervene, highlight issues and take a stance. It’s a simple toolkit that exists in the hands of the people who use it the most and empowers supporters take their message to the streets. Everyone can be an activist and part of the solution.

2022 Awards

Total Points: 45



Superunion / London
Who Wot Why / London

Design Firm


Client / Brand

Shelter / London


Scott Waring


Tom Cockram


Christian Lobo


Dan Scott
Rebecca Coyngham-Hynes

Design Director

Jonathan Brodie
Miho Aishima

Managing Director

Aisling Ryan

Marketing Manager

Erin Wolson

Account Manager

Pippa Flood

Brand Lead

Ariel Haber

Business Director

Katie Savelli

Client Director

Crissie Craig

Consulting Strategy Director

Gemma Bardsley

Copy Lead

Helle Tumbridge

Creative Lead

Fiona McKenzie

Creative Partner

Adrian Burton

ECD & Founder

Sean Thompson

Head of Marketing

Willow Williams

Senior Account Manager

Niki Nathan

Strategy Partner

Joanna Dann

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