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2023 ADC Awards - Advertising

Through the Five Passes - Shot on iPhone

Agency TBWA\Media Arts Lab / Shanghai

Client Apple


Branded Content / Entertainment - Online Video / Long Form

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About the Work

Chinese Opera is a key part of Chinese New Year traditions, tracing back to the first dynasty of Imperial China. The majestic art form of musical theatre has since been supplanted by ever-changing modern entertainment. This year, the ambition for Apple’s annual CNY film is to reinvigorate the ancient art form with a movie-grade quality captured entirely with the latest iPhone 14 Pro. Through the Five Passes is a coming-of-age story about a young opera practitioner who goes against all odds to give the performance of a lifetime, even if just for a mere five minutes. Based on a renowned Chinese Opera story, the title itself is a famous expression that embodies a powerful spirit to do whatever it takes to overcome adversity. The story celebrates the spirit of resilience, particularly following the turbulent year of 2022, when people pushed through despite the constant uncertainty of China’s Covid policies. The film was created in partnership with award-winning director Peng Fei, who hails from a Chinese Opera family himself. With memories of his mother being forced to abandon her own opera career to make ends meet, Peng’s personal touch delivers an authentically poignant film that is a testament to the uniquely Chinese association of a lifetime of commitment through which every opera practitioner endures. The intricate beauty of Chinese Opera gave us the perfect stage to demonstrate the latest iPhone features. From its rich colors to dazzling choreography, our goal was to create a visual spectacle, one that pushes the iPhone’s boundaries to reinvigorate this fading art form and leave a powerful message that will resonate with our audience: As long as we persist, we, too, can overcome the obstacles, no matter what life throws at us.

2023 Awards

Total Points: 9



TBWA\Media Arts Lab / Shanghai

Art Director

Dong Luo


Peng Fei


Varqa Buehrer


Peng Fei

Chinese Opera Consultant

Wei Chen

Production Designer

Qing Liu

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