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2023 ADC Awards - Advertising

The Troll

Agency Rethink + IKEA

Client IKEA


Craft in Video / Special Effects

Annual ID


About the Work

Armed with our belief that our homes have the power to make us happier, we needed to find a narrative to resonate with a wide audience. We’ve all felt grumpy, unhappy, and, well, troll-like when we let our homes fall into a state of mess or disrepair (Oxford’s 2022 word of the year: goblin-mode, anyone?). So we found that the recognizable tale of the grumpy troll under a mythical bridge fit the bill perfectly for a universally-relatable “home” in desperate need of some love and attention from IKEA. The film was shot in Slovenia, under a real-life bridge which was then replicated in-studio. All elements of cinematography, including lighting, framing, and composition worked together to create a believable world for our troll and his story to live. Particular attention to detail was needed to seamlessly integrate the real elements of the bridge and surrounding environment, the practical troll costume, and the CGI magic that brought it all to life. Intentional and painstakingly detailed creative direction went into every scene, and every moment captured on film. With purposeful editing and the artful use of CGI, VFX, and SFX, the spot instantly transports the audience (wherever they might live in the real world) into a mystical environment. Each moment captured allows the audience to connect with and identify with our troll, as they witness him transform his home and himself through interactions with his new friend and as they redesign the living space.

2023 Awards

Total Points: 3

Merit Honor




Client / Brand


Production Company

Division Films

Music / Sound Production Company

Vapor Music

Post Production Company

Color Collective

Art Director

Caroline Friesen


Robbie Percy

Chief Creative Officer

Aaron Starkman
Mike Dubrick

Creative Director

Caroline Friesen
Robbie Percy


Nick Ball

Director of Photography

Daniel Voldheim


Ernest Winczyk

Account Director

Megan Christopher
Catherine Blouin-Mainville
Tracey Cronin

Account Supervisor

Erica Francis

Associate Creative Director

Karine Doucet

Senior Integrated Producer

Terri Winter
Jessica Luong

Visual Effects

House of Parliament

360 Studio

Justin Chan
Stephanie Sherwood

Account Manager

Gabrielle Bergeron

Broadcast Producer

Annick D’Auteuil

Cluster Marketing Communications Leader

Jacqueline Wark


Alex Bickel

Digital Manager

Kevin Martins

Director of Brand Marketing

Claudia Mayne

Director of Broadcast Production

Shelby Spigelman
Nadya MacNeil

Editorial Lead

Lianne George

Group Account Director

Kiara Wilson

Head of Marketing

Johanna Andren

Integrated Media Leader

Marissa Fischer

Integrated Production Consultant

William Cranor

Interior Design

Donna Irvine

Interior Design Leader

Lindsay Marsh

Marketing Communications Specialist

Nadia Kassam

Media agency


Media Supervisor

Christine Ma

Music director

Ted Rosnick


Photoby - Wunderkamera

Production Design

Marco Puig

Public Relations Leader

Lisa Huie

Senior Digital Planner

Sherlaine Verdes


Chantel Brinkman
Andrew Schulze

Studio Director

Brad Kumar

Troll Builder

Martin Pec

Troll Design

Aaron McBride

VFX supervisor

Peter Smith

Vice President

Karen Hrstic


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