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2023 ADC Awards - Brand / Communication Design

Serres de rue

Agency Sid Lee / Montreal + Carrefour solidaire Centre communautaire d'alimentation / Montreal

Client Carrefour Solidaire


Design for Good / Brand / Communication Design - Series

Annual ID


About the Work

To explore new and more sustainable ways to use our urban land, Serres de rue transformed car shelters into passive solar greenhouses and installed them directly on the roads of Montreal. Doing so, Serres de rues, French for street greenhouses, doesn’t only explore the possibility of growing fresh produce during winter in a densely populated neighborhood, it forces us to reimagine the place that cars take in our cities. To further emphasize this idea, the visual identity of Serres de rue is based on a car shelter that grows and transforms into a logotype, as well as a series of icons and illustrations used for some of our communicational needs. With circular design in mind, old traffic signs were upcycled to create a learning route along the greenhouses for pedestrians and school groups to learn about the science behind the project, other sustainable ways to grow food, as well as a few public policies that could be changed to allow the spread of similar initiatives. Gardening tools for the greenhouses were built from the same traffic signs. The project wasn’t without its challenges. In major Canadian cities, it is currently illegal for anyone to build greenhouses in their driveway, let alone on the street. However, you can easily get a permit to build a car shelter. When the city of Montreal allowed Serres de rues to build three greenhouses on the public thoroughfare, it came as a first step in the right direction to build more sustainable cities. Serres de rue is still in its experimental phase and the first winter was filled with humbling days and ice-cold lessons. The first few crops were distributed among the neighboring low-income communities, but the project will keep growing, increasing its vegetable output and organizing more school visits in the future.

2023 Awards

Total Points: 9



Sid Lee / Montreal

Client / Brand

Carrefour solidaire Centre communautaire d'alimentation / Montreal

Art Director

Jean-François Mayrand


Thierry Faucher

Executive Creative Director

Jean-François Dumais

Account Supervisor

Marie-Camille Ostiguy

Design Director

Marie-Élaine Benoit

Creation & Co-Director General

Sylvie Chamberland

Creation & Director of interventions & public policies

Jean-Philippe Vermette

Creation & Scientific advisor in circular economy

Héloïse Koltuk

Creation & Urban Agriculture Coordinator

Emilie Klein

Video Producer

Maxime Lapostolle

Workplace Manager

Bo Tellier

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