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2023 ADC Awards - Brand-Side / In-House

Khortytsia - the island of a mystery

Agency Bickerstaff.734 / Kyiv

Client Khortytsia National Reserve


Brand / Communication Design / Branding

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About the Work

Khortytsia Island occupies a special place in the history of Ukraine, but it’s mostly unknown to Ukrainians because the Museum of the Cossacks supplanted all its other attractive aspects. We were challenged to develop a tourism brand that would open the island to internal and external tourism, show its diversity and encourage people to explore Khortytsia. This is the island of centuries-old history, amazing nature, breathtaking secrets, myths, and legends. The more you immerse yourself in the world of the island, the more its identity is revealed. So all design elements were created based on the real attributes of Khortytsia: flora and fauna, historical artifacts, images from myths and legends. The X sign is the first letter in the name of the island in Ukrainian and also a symbol of mystery, its meaning may be different for everyone. That’s why we took X as a basis and created 24 different logos. It was important for us to create a design system that would only slightly open the curtain as if inviting everyone to get to know Khortytsia better, to get acquainted with the place of Ukrainian power. The mystique of the island is its superpower, so we decided not to hide but emphasize it. For the first month, the project got 8M media impressions. 51 media mentioned us. Thousands of people discussed it on social nets. It appeared in the news reports on TV all over the country with the participation of the president and the First Lady.

2023 Awards

Total Points: 9



Bickerstaff.734 / Kyiv

Creative Director

Ilia Anufrienko

Motion Designer

Olexii Boiev


Mariia Kochurenko

Account Director

Nataliia Blazhkun

Senior Designer

Kseniia Milchenko

Account Manager

Katerina Soboleva

Creative Enzyme

Andrii Bezliudnyi

Group Head

Maryna Cherniavska

Senior Strategist

Serhii Lizunov

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