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2023 ADC Awards - Experiential Design

HetzJaeger. Antifascist Algorithms.

Agency Philipp und Keuntje / Hamburg + fischerAppelt / Hamburg

Client Laut gegen Nazis



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Fascism rises again worldwide, but especially in Germany. The ultimate gateway into the scene is music. In the past, fascist music was hard to find, today it’s super easy to come by: streaming platforms like Spotify and YouTube host thousands of songs with fascist ideology – even worse, their algorithms help spread those songs. Few people are aware of the problem in Germany. And even though the platforms do know, no effective measures are taken to remove these songs or bands. “Laut gegen Nazis“, an acclaimed organisation fighting fascism in every form, wanted to change that, wake up the platforms and activate people, so fascist music is removed from the web. Objectives: > Create as much awareness of the problem as possible > Activate people to put pressure on the platforms > Get the platforms to act and remove songs and bands > Strong activation without a big budget If you listen to Nazi music once, more and more will be recommended. We remind the providers of their duty of care – by forcing their algorithms to recommend our Trojan Nazi band “HetzJaeger“ instead of fascist bands. To do this, both track and band are perfectly optimized based on the algorithms’ primary parameters. Sound, lyrics, appearance, and performance in social media are most convincing – and we infiltrate streams and playlists of extreme right-wing fans with Artist Affinity Targeting. In one month, the algorithms recommend HetzJaeger over 120,000 times to neo-Nazis, becoming a hit in the scene. But one month later: the big reveal. More than 200,000 supporters and the media forced the platform to act: In the first weeks alone over 700 unconstitutional songs and Nazi bands have already removed.

2023 Awards

Total Points: 21



Philipp und Keuntje / Hamburg

PR / Marketing Agency

fischerAppelt / Hamburg


Haye Stein

Chief Creative Officer

Diether Kerner

Creative Director

Nicolas Klein
Moritz Raulfs

Executive Creative Director

Jonas Keller


Lisa Krane

Account Manager

Ayleen Finkenzeller
Lena Reinke


Rabea Huthmann

Head of Digital Media

Elena Nikanorova

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