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The ADC Annual Awards is the oldest continuously running industry award show in the world. Now in its incredible 102nd year, these awards celebrate the very best in advertising, digital media, graphic and publication design, packaging and product design, motion, experiential and spatial design, photography, illustration and fashion design all with a focus on artistry and craftsmanship.

2023 ADC Awards - Gaming


Agency VMLY&R / Kansas City + Intel / Santa Clara

Client Intel


Gaming / Design for Good

Annual ID


About the Work

E-waste is one of the world’s most challenging environmental problems. And gamers are one of e-waste’s largest contributors, as they don’t see the value in recycling their old tech. Intel, a leader in gaming tech, wanted to show gamers their old tech still has value - so we went to one of the most popular games in existence. Animal Crossing. A utopic, zen paradise with a dirty secret. The rusted part – a useless piece of in-game e-waste that players consider trash. To show players this e-waste can be e-cycled into something of value, we created eCycleLand, the Animal Crossing’s first in-game, e-waste, e-cycling center. Here we turned what was once trash… into treasure. Which made eCycleLand such a hit, gamers waited 22 minutes, just to get in. Once there, they spent an average of 14 minutes exploring and learning about e-cycling. Other gamers also learned about ecycling by watching some of the top twitch streamers engage on our island. The rusted part became so valuable, people started stealing them from eCycleLand. Some game developers even made e-cycling rusted parts a permanent part of the game. Ultimately e-cycleland showed gamers the value e-waste can have in our games, and our world.

2023 Awards

Total Points: 45



VMLY&R / Kansas City

Client / Brand

Intel / Santa Clara

Chief Creative Officer

John Godsey
Debbi Vandeven

Creative Director

David Santiago

Executive Creative Director

Derek Clark
Santiago Cuesta

Group Creative Director

Brandan Jenkins
Esteban Izquierdo

Associate Creative Director

Daniel Miller

Design Director

Dave Swearingen

Senior Art Director

Tabatha Biggerstaff

Senior Designer

Sabrina Tinsley

Account Manager

Camille Lavoie

Asset Specialist

Alex Bruns

Associate Director Strategy & Insights

Alex Blitstein

Associate Director, Client Engagement

Maria Mejia

Brand manager

Paige Kane

Brand Partnership Strategist

Brett Lyons

Chief strategy Officer

Howard Laubscher

Connections Director

Nolan Greiter

Digital strategist

Jake Braught

Director Marketing Strategy, Brand Storytelling & Partnerships

Kari LeMiere-Mullan

Director, Client Engagement

Marissa Schultz

Director, Corporate & Product Brand Identity

Matt Huntington

ESG & Corporate Sustainability Communications

Jill Hair

Executive Director, Client Engagement

Kryslyn Burks

Executive Music Producer

Theresa Notartomaso

Global Chief Creative Officer, Intel

Allison Pierce

Global Client Lead, Intel

Amy Winger

Global Digital Marketing Experience Manager

Julie Van Antwerpen

Global Marketing Manager

Abby Swerin

Group Executive Producer

Mathieu Shrontz

Group Strategy Director

Amrita Bhatia

Manager Brand Community

Kylee Holden

Managing Director Connections, PR

Adam Woullard

Managing Director, Global Communications

Jinie Kwak

Partner Company

Dell Technologies / Round Rock

PR & Influencer Relations

Patti Kelly

Product Marketing Manager

Kim Mallinger

Recycling & Sustainability Services Marketing Consultant

Sarah Gilliam

Senior Brand Manager

Chris Kusber

Senior Director of Brand Strategy

George Olexa

Senior Event Planner

Elizabeth Hawes

Senior Motion Designer

Cody Beltram


Kate Zadoo

Senior Program Manager

Camille Lewis

Social Media Strategist

Christa Nutor

Sr. Vice President, Global Brand & Creative

Liz Matthews

Strategic Alliances Integration Leader

Daniel Kessler

Sustainability & Supply Chain Communications

Sonja Tuitele

Sustainability Initiative Lead - Cross-Intel Initiative Marketing

Caryn Herder

VP, General Manager, Brand, Creative & Media

John Coyne

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