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The ADC Annual Awards is the oldest continuously running industry award show in the world. Now in its incredible 102nd year, these awards celebrate the very best in advertising, digital media, graphic and publication design, packaging and product design, motion, experiential and spatial design, photography, illustration and fashion design all with a focus on artistry and craftsmanship.

2023 ADC Awards - Motion / Film Craft

Ms. Marvel

Agency Marvel Studios / Los Angeles + Disney+ / Los Angeles + Framestore / London

Client Marvel


Craft in Motion / Film / Motion Graphics

Annual ID


About the Work

We delivered a series of bespoke 2D animated sequences seen throughout the show, creating a unique and charming animation style for the main character. The sequences are over live action or appear from transitions to and from live action. The show kicks off with our hybrid 2D and 3D animation which is not the kind of animation you see often- it’s quite an old school method but because it's done in CG it brings a nice twist to the mix. We were tasked to create a unique stylistic look to the whole show, with animated segments reflecting the hero's personality and emotions, ranging from full animation sequences and integrated animation over live action, to graphic overlays and UI, as well as the title sequences for every episode (with over 100 unique variations of the shows logo designed). The brief strictly required a handmade feel which meant adjusting our work to fit the style required- contemporary, but also looking like it could have actually been created by a teen. We built a suite of rigged objects that Kamala might use as tools to aid her animation including Blu Tack, paper clips, pins, chopsticks, and sticky tape and combined them based on the challenge of a particular scene. In the fantastical scene where Kamala and Bruno cycle through Jersey, all the characters that come to life are created using different styles. It was important that the art supported the dialogue and the scene, rather than being a purely aesthetic device. In some sequences the script required mobile phone footage with social media overlaid on the characters’ screens. We created a fun and energetic way to display Kamala going viral , such as the TikTok style sequence that experimented with some more bizarre and flamboyant styles.

2023 Awards

Total Points: 9


Client / Brand

Marvel Studios / Los Angeles

Post Production Company

Framestore / London

Media Distribution Company

Disney+ / Los Angeles

Executive Producer

Niamh O’Donohoe

3D Artist

Aaron Hunwick
Adam Burnet
Benjamin Lane
Bruno Buzinkay
Damien Gustin
Dave Edwardz
Edwin Schaap
Gabriela Pruszkowska
Jack Beynon
Jeroen Aerts
Nathan Clarke
Patrick Paguio
Rebecca Meilak
Sofia Llobregat
Tim Jenkinson
Victoria Stuart
William Fiorentini

Lead Designer

David Lochhead

2D Artist

Alexis Liddell
Andrew Niven
Daniella Marsh
David Stumpf
Jocie Juritz
Julien Van Wallendeal
Richard Smithson

CG Supervisor

Philip Robinson


Miriam Pavese
Ariel Levental
Daniel Manning
Daniel Ravanelli
Emily Govinden
Ewelina Freuer
John Sellings
Juriaan Wolters
Pablo Vero Moreno
Puff Pisanwalerd

Head Creative

Ian Spendloff


Hong Yane Wang

Production coordinator

Emma Simpson

VFX supervisor

Matthew Thomas

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