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2023 ADC Awards - Publication Design

Alex and Lilani discover the world of letters.

Agency Institut of Design Research IDR / Bern + Pädagogische Hochschule Heidelberg / Heidelberg

Client dot, dot, comma, dash (Punkt, Punkt, Komma, Strich)


Design for Good / Publication Design

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About the Work

Join the dots: Alex and Lilani discover the world of letters The series of nine booklets “Join the dots: Alex and Lilani discover the world of letters” is the first inclusive and scientifically proven learning aid that introduces blind pre-school children as well as children with and without visual impairments to writing in nine volumes. It has been developed and designed by an international team of researchers at Bern University of the Arts HKB and Heidelberg University of Education PH HD. Sighted children of pre-school age discover typographic signs and symbols every single day and are confronted with normal print in a wide variety of situations and ways, either on their own or accompanied by adults. When stories are read aloud to children, sighted children have the advantage that they can actually see the letters and in time, usually before they even start school, they are able to identify or reproduce one or two of them. This is not possible for blind children in this form and with such variety, because they rarely encounter Braille in their surroundings. This means that blind children are much less likely to come into contact with writing before they start school, and this contact is generally never accidental. This is a significant disadvantage compared to their sighted comrades. These circumstances, and the fact that there are no specially designed learning aids that allow both blind and sighted children of pre-school age to learn to read together, either in educational institutions or through easily accessible books, gave rise to the idea of an inclusive learning aid. Facts and figures: • Slipcase: W 250 × H 345 × D 130 mm • Format of each of the nine booklets: 229 × 324 mm • 20 pages in each volume • With coloured embossed images, cross-hatching, die-cuts and a cube • Coloured Braille with normal print

2023 Awards

Total Points: 9



Institut of Design Research IDR / Bern
Pädagogische Hochschule Heidelberg / Heidelberg


Andréas Netthoevel
Arne Scheuermann
Frank Laemers
Markus Lang
Martin Gaberthüel
Minou Afzali
Sarah Adams
Fabienne Meyer

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