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2023 ADC Awards - Publication Design

New York Review of Architecture

Agency Laura + New York Review of Architecture / New York

Client New York Review of Architecture


Newspapers / Full Issue

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"New York Review of Architecture reviews architecture in New York." —New York Review of Architecture New York Review of Architecture is a critical architectural journal that values writing that is critical, engaging, and accessible to readers—it especially values work that represents viewpoints that have been historically undervalued or ignored in architectural discourse. The pieces in NYRA are grounded, topical and reported. Writers have clear positions—direct, fearless, a little irreverent—with a sense of humor! What sets NYRA apart from every other architecture journal in New York and beyond is its particular sense of flat-footed humor. The design of NYRA reveals more of this sense of humor through illustration and wacky typesetting rather than through 'glossy' images of architecture typically seen in normative serial architectural publications. In fact, there are no photographs in NYRA, only illustrations—no architectural drawings, only sketches. NYRA has a mascot, the rat, that is evocative of not only Scabby the Rat (fighting the good fight), but that is also emblematic of NYC itself—a perfect mascot for the city. The illustrations serve to humanize and humorize architectural discourse, while a look under the surface reveals intelligent, critical, engaging writing. The recurring typographic backslant (found in the masthead and on every page) is NYRA's signature typographic move—a nod towards doing things defiantly differently... and a little, well, backwards. The printing is a study in economy—each issue is printed only with black (K) and yellow (Y), aimed to not only create vivid color in CMYK space, but to create an economic printing model for a sustainable publication. Guest illustrators include Sean Suchara, Ben Denzer, Maxfield Schnaufer, Laura Szyman, and Angela Sun, among others. Editors include Nicolas Kemper, Marianela D'Aprile, Sammy Medina, Phillip Denny, Alex Klimoski, and Carolyn Bailey, among other guest editors.

2023 Awards

Total Points: 3

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New York Review of Architecture / New York


Laura Coombs

Art Director

Laura Coombs

Digital Director

Seth Thompson

Operations Coordinator

Nicholas Raap

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