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2023 ADC Awards - Typography

Ladies of Tang Dynasty

Agency The Nine / Shanghai

Client Daming Palace



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About the Work

The Daming Palace is a key cultural heritage site in China, Built in Year 643 and the largest ancient city in Chang'an during the Tang Dynasty. The Daming Palace hopes to reshape its brand image and inspire young people's love for traditional and ancient brands.

Ladies of Tang Dynasty were the most respected, free, independent, beautiful, and stunning portrayal of women in the Daming Palace during the Tang Dynasty.

Our inspiration comes from the Tang Dynasty paintings "Daolian Tu" and "Huishan Shi Nu Tu," representative works of Tang Dynasty painters Zhang Xuan and Zhou Fang, which vividly describe the appearance of Ladies of Tang Dynasty. Based on the women's figures in surviving works, we selected representative hairstyles and lip colours of Ladies of Tang Dynasty, reconstructed abstract geometric shapes, combined Eastern and Western aesthetics, and creatively designed 26 Ladies of Tang Dynasty English letters, A, B, C, D, E, which are both English letters and abstract Ladies of Tang Dynasty. At the same time, we created a motion graphic of plane letters using 3D software. We designed English letters to materials such as posters, popular phrase seals, umbrellas, necklaces, cup, bookmarks, refrigerator magnets, stamps, etc. We printed 26 Tang Dynasty women letter T-shirts, each corresponding to a canned package with a letter of a Ladies of Tang Dynasty. Everyone can choose a T-shirt according to the initial letter of their surname, creating a close interaction between the brand and the public.

The series of Ladies of Tang Dynasty IP products have attracted tourists to the Daming Palace to buy and collect, and the ancient brand has become youthful and fashionable.

2023 Awards

Total Points: 3

Merit Honor



The Nine / Shanghai


Lin Zhongfu

Chief Creative Officer

Jody Xiong

Creative Director

Jody Xiong
Charley Xia

Digital Artist

Hu Mo


Liu Junhao

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