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2023 ADC Awards - Typography


Agency Jean Fran├žois + Benjamin + Fanny + Joachim

Client Typofonderie



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Austerlitz resembles a Didot, but it does not follow the principles: counterforms are rounded without the effects of rigorous counterforms, the stress is not completely vertical, there are traces of the written letterforms. The serifs are attached by a curve and the serifed italics are innovative for the time. The Petit & Labeur variants can be described as common, natural, harmonious, the source was recommended by Jan Tschichold in Die Neue Typographie as suitable serif typeface. In Gros & Affiche versions, it tells a different story. Its shapes and contrasts, its elegance, reference a late Didot, in its most beautiful ceremonial dress.

Revival of a french Didot, see

2023 Awards

Total Points: 3

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