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2023 ADC Awards - Artificial Intelligence

Voice Watch

Agency DENTSU INC. / Tokyo + Data Artist Inc. / Tokyo + DENTSU LIVE INC. / Tokyo + SHINDII, LLC. / Tokyo

Client Toyota Mobility Foundation


Best of Artificial Intelligence

Annual ID


About the Work

The world’s roughly 200 million visually impaired people have been excluded from the excitement of live sporting events. Visual impairment makes it difficult to follow a game and to enjoy the action live with others. As we discovered, this stems from the information gap with regular spectators. Even as more people with disabilities participate in sports through the Paralympics and other events, accessibility in sports viewing is still lacking. Envisioning a barrier-free future where people of all abilities can enjoy the same live sports events, we launched this project to assist the visually impaired in enjoying motorsport.
From seeing the game, to hearing the game. We developed Voice Watch, the world’s first play-by-play commentary AI, to enable visually impaired people to follow live races. Voice Watch consists of three different AIs: an object recognition AI, a sign detection AI, and a speech frame AI. The object recognition AI serves as the visually impaired person’s eyes, using cameras to distinguish the cars and grasp the unfolding race. The sign detection AI analyzes real-time driving data to swiftly identify signs of major changes in the race. For the speech frame AI we analyzed 50 hours of play-by-play audio from Japan’s most renowned professional race commentator, distilling this expertise into unique speech frames.The technology converts various kinds of race data into audio, providing commentary for visually impaired spectators at circuits without live commentary. Voice Watch automatically generates live commentary to create a new motorsport spectator experience: “hearing” the race.

2023 Awards

Total Points: 90

Best of Discipline Cube



Dentsu Inc. / Tokyo

Production Company

CRITE LABEL Inc. / Tokyo

Art Director

Seri Tanaka

Creative Director

Kazuhiro Shimura


Hirohito Hiraga

Account Executive

Masafumi Kodama


Ryo Seki
Susumu Tomita

Accessibility Director

Kaoru Miyabe

Agency In-House Production

Data Artist Inc. / Tokyo
Dentsu Live Inc. / Tokyo
Dentsu Data Artist Mongol Inc. / Ulaanbaatar

AI Engineer

Bilegsaikhan Bayarsaikhan
Gankhurel Jamsran

Bridge Engineer

Oyunkhand Erdenebaatar
Tuguldur Altanbagana

Event Assistant Director

Yumina Odagiri

Event Director

Kaoru Aoki

Film director

Tomoyuki Kato

Film producer

Takafumi Shindo

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