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2023 ADC Awards - Product Design

Dot Pad. The first smart tactile graphics display.


Client Dot Incorporation


Best of Product Design

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About the Work

While most people rely on visuals to understand complex topics, the 285 million blind and visually impaired people worldwide are left out. Tactile books are scarce, expensive, and impractical. Audio descriptions fail to describe complex information.

Dot Pad. The first smart tactile graphics display for the visually impaired. It can display any visual content from any source.

At the core of the Dot Pad is the third generation of the innovative Dot actuator technology. While conventional tactile devices use piezoelectricity to power their braille cells, Dot actuators use electromagnetism, which reduces size, weight, power consumption, and price by more than ten times. This dramatically increases usability and portability while making Dot Pad affordable for majority of the users.

It requires intelligence to understand what’s in an image and decide what’s important to the audience. To create comprehensible tactile content, Dot Pad relies on the innovative Dot Image Processor based on AI. Trained with millions of existing visual and tactile graphics, it can analyze, understand, and segment visual content, and translate it to tactile graphics on the display of 2,400 dots. There is also a built-in text panel for braille translation.

Thanks to a partnership with Apple, Dot Pad integrates seamlessly with iOS and iPadOS, thereby giving users access to the 2.2 million apps on the App Store, out of the box. Dot Pad reduces dependence on tactile textbooks and audio description for graphical content which sighted people are used to freely enjoying.

Launched in early 2022, Dot Pad has earned huge interest from the media as well as public and private institutions worldwide. Dot Pad technology is permanently installed in public kiosks in Busan, South Korea.

Dot Pad has disrupted the field of accessibility technology with tactile graphics.

2023 Awards

Total Points: 90

Best of Discipline Cube



Serviceplan Korea / Seoul

Production Company

Paulus Co.Ltd / Seoul

Chief Creative Officer

Alex Schill


Yohan Jang

Director of Photography

Euiseon Chang

Executive Creative Director

Franz Röppischer
Lorenz Langgartner

Executive Producer

Dahoon Chung


Minkyu Park

Account Director

Seonyeong Boo

Senior Art Director

Silver Eunman Kim

Senior Copywriter

Minwoo Kim

Account Manager

Elin Jinsol Yu
Minji Kim

Ass. Art Director

Diana Dahye Kim

Ass. Copywriter Intern

Jin Park

Assistant Camera 1st

Jiwoong Yang

Assistant Camera 2nd

Junhui Seo

assistant director

Hee-jae Yang
Hyuk Lim


Jae Seong Joo


Eric Ju Yoon Kim
Kyungsin Kim

CEO & Managing Director

Julie Kang

CGI Technician

Lennert Schrader

Chief Creative Officer Germany

Matthias Harbeck

Creative Director & CEO

YeongKyu Yoo

Creative Director Video / Director & Motion Designer

Dennis Fritz

Creative Intern

Camille Nizet
Sanjeeta Saha
Tanvi Phalak
Thinh Nguyen
Zoe Bellis Schill

Creative Producer

Kyungsin Kim


Ki Kwang Sung

Director of Social Impact

Ahrum Choi

Executive Creative Director Digital

Hagen Fiedler


Kwang Jun Jeong

Industrial Designer

Sebin Oh


MassiveVoices / Berlin

Product Design/CG Artist

Ashwin Suresh

Project Assistant

Yehyeon Chung
Young eun Yeo

Sales Manager

Eunpyul Joy Cho
Hee Jin Lee

Senior Account Manager

Euntack Shin
Hyeli Lee
Junghwan Choi

Senior Developer

Stefan Schröder
Timm Reiter

Senior Manager, PhD

Mergel Takam

Senior Project Manager Digital

Johannes Auffermann

Senior Strategic Planner

Neul Ha


Jongchae Sohn

Sound Assistant

Sado Choi

Tech Lead Digital

Malte Bender

Web Development

ASTRAL Kreativ / Munich

Worldwide Executive Creative Director

Jason Romeyko


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