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The ADC Annual Awards is the oldest continuously running industry award show in the world. Now in its incredible 102nd year, these awards celebrate the very best in advertising, digital media, graphic and publication design, packaging and product design, motion, experiential and spatial design, photography, illustration and fashion design all with a focus on artistry and craftsmanship.

2023 ADC Awards - Publication Design

Chinese Nursery Rhymes

Agency Rang Li / Stockholm

Client China People's Education Press


Best of Publication Design

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About the Work

The series is a collection of ten books; that featuring ten Chinese nursery rhymes in four sizes: 350mm×250mm, one book; 250mm ×250mm, two books; 158mm ×250mm, three books; 190mm x 250mm, four books. The specific design technic present in each book is different, including paper die-cutting, transparent overlay, folding, stretching and bouncing, etc. By using various types of paper (such as coloured paper, textured paper, white paper, etc.) as well as different styles of illustrations (such as abstract, concrete, realistic, exaggerated, etc.) to express and convey the content and artistic conception of nursery rhymes, to offer readers fun of readings by flip over pages, to provides all sort’s senses on reading experiences. Design a set of books with restrained resources and keep the innovative spirit that would be well accepted by wild-ranging readers. The beauty of the books could inspire and stimulate children's imagination, as well as the book design that reflects the beauty of traditional Chinese culture. The ten nursery rhymes series have entirely different styles that come from various sorts of backgrounds. To ensure a consistent design style for the book series, meanwhile, present unique design styles respectively for each book. In addition, to keep the unity of cover and font, the size, binding, painting style and expression in ten books were present with respective styles. Some books use coloured paper with different textures, and through die-cutting, the pictures are stacked; Some are pulled through paper folding, producing graphic changes and telling stories vividly and interestingly. Some can be read from both sides. Balancing innovation and cost was a big challenge, and we achieved a print run of 5,000 copies.

2023 Awards

Total Points: 90

Best of Discipline Cube



Rang Li / Stockholm

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