Felix Hernandez

Creative and Art Director.

Hernandez Dreamphography


For me photography is not a portrait of what exists out there, but a portrait of what exist in me.

… I remember. Since I was a kid I used to spend hours alone in my room playing with my toys. I also remember that the best part was "weathering" them and creating for them an environment to match the scenes in my head… Now that I'm a "grownup" I realize that I never stopped playing and that the only difference is that now I have a camera on my hands. Photography and digital art just gave me the possibility to bring alive, those scenes that since I was Little, I have had inside my mind.

At the end, toy photography is just a mix of playing and technical photography aspects. The technical side can be learned and it's "easy", but the "hardest" part of toy photography lies in our minds and in our hearts, and that is staying childish, foolish, dreamy… Learning how to play again. If you have forgotten how to… just spend some time with your boys… If you don't have boys, then grab some memories from when you were one!




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