Tara Gorman

Creative Director

The Martin Agency

Tara started her adventure in advertising as a Jr. Art Director at BBH London. She spent many long hours in the pub and countless more working on Audi, Warburton’s and Impulse Body Spray. She headed back across the pond to join Merkley & Partners in New York to work on iconic brands such as Mercedes, Arby’s and Citibank. While in New York, she met her husband on a blind date, before Tinder was even a thing. Continuing her westward career path, she landed in Chicago to work at BBDO on Dial for Men.

In 2010, she landed back in her home state of Virginia to work at The Martin Agency, where she has made a creative impact on many brands, like Land O’Lakes, Hanes and Discover. She has two children with that man she met on a blind date, and one large cat named Squeaky.




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