David Tshabalala

Creative Director

Suketchi Branding & Design


My style is forever-evolving and not influenced by current design trends. It’s very informative and leans heavily on today’s societal issues, serving as a visual narrative on current news. My vibe is very quirky at times and often humorous.

My work is inspired by pop culture and people I come across daily. I gain valuable insight from relationships I form with them in the digital space and I use this as my source of inspiration.

Doing this has earned me much popularity, increasing my social media following. This is something I take seriously because that is the audience that appreciates his work.

While I’ve worked with a few a popular retail brands – where my illustrations and face were placed on some of the merchandise, I still hope to work with other bigger international brands, especially big sports brands.

In 2015 I made the Mail and Guardian’s “200 Young South Africans” and this has been my biggest achievement to date.




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